A Trip Down Memory Lane

So I came across my old mp3 player from 2007 that has a ton of songs downloaded on it and I got it working! So I’ve been bringing it to work to listen to while I calm down at lunch and after school. I absolutely love it. There is something soothing about music and it also makes you feel so many emotions. I am really sentimental, so when I hear a song it reminds me of times in my life or people close to me.
These are some old school songs, but here are some I found on it:
Tim McGraw- Taylor Swift. This was way back when she first started and I would watch her reality on MTV when she was trying to make it big. Can you remember that?
Petey Pablo: Freak-A-Leak. Totally reminds me of Liesl and Hilary when we would go to parties and dance the night away! This used to be the ringtone on my phone.
Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten. Back when I was obsessed with the Hills I would listen to this blasting in my car.
The Ataris: Boys of Summer. Reminds me of Kaycee when we would go DDR at the Las Vegas Hilton.
Beyonce: Irreplacable. Reminds me of when Michelle and I went to California and this song was constantly playing while we shopped with lindsey in the Fashion District. So fun.
Yellowcard: Way Away. Driving down the 101 from LA to San Diego. Awesome memory!
Jason Mraz: Remedy. Driving the backlots of Walt Disney World the summer I worked there and watching the fireworks from EPCOT in the sky.
Rob Thomas: Little Wonders. I just love that song!!!
Kanye West: Stronger. I would work out at the LVAC playing this while I was running. Such a good workout song.
Ingrid Michaelson: The Way I Am. Living at my dad’s house while I would drive through the senior retirement home neighborhood.
Diamond Rio: Imagine That. Senior Year. High School.
Samantha Mumba: Gotta Tell You. Back when boy bands were big and girl bands too and when the girls and I would go to every concert imaginable.
Avril Lavigne: Complicated. Introducing the number one video on TRL.

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