Christmas in Las Vegas!

We celebrated Christmas in Las Vegas again. This was our third Christmas together! 🙂 We did a lot and had a great time with the family.
On Christmas day we went to the Bellagio to check out the gardens. Its a tradition to go there every time we go to Vegas.

The new hotel the Cosmopolitan opened so we had to check it out.
Sarah got the game “Just Dance”, which was good exercise!

Mike got a McGhie’s jersey from Mom, which was really nice.

Sarah and I decorated my gingerbread house. Her side was way better!

We had an awesome Christmas Eve dinner made by Jen and it was sooo good! She made a prime rib, veggies, stuffing, and homemade ice cream by Wayne. The appetizers were really good too!

Sarah all dressed up for dinner. The rule was that you had to wear green or red.

The dinner maker herself decked out in her gear!

We brought Barney along and he had a blast when we stopped at the Petsmart in Chandler.

Overall, it was very fun and great to see family. Here’s to our third Christmas!

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