My First Half Marathon!

Las Cruces held a half marathon so I had to jump on it! I wasn’t planning on it but when I found out the route went right past our house, it was calling my name. Because school has been so busy, I hardly had time to get ready. Plus, it has been so cold out and it gets so dark early, I never had time to practice running outdoors.
So it was hitting the gym and the treadmill for a week and a half. Let’s just say that the longest have run before is six miles! Ha Ha
Here is The Cub on the day of the race. He was a hit. When we walked up to the crowd, everyone was looking and I realized they were all staring at him. He is pretty cute.

My Catch Me If You Can shirt!
You got a medal at the end for finishing. I ran it in 2 hours and 6 minutes! Woot!

Running across the finish line at the Field of Dreams.

My running buddy for the last four miles. He was in the National Guard and we kept passing eachother and pacing the same time the whole time. So we made friends and chatted the last few miles to help us forget we were running. Even better, Mike rode his bike alongside me the last four miles and kept me motivated. (Hence the action shots!) What a good guy!

At the beginning. It started at the Rio Grande at La Llorona park.

I love this picture of Barney. So cute!

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