Mt. Lemmon

The first weekend in January, Mike and I drove to Tucson to ride Mt. Lemmon with his brother in law Wayne. We were there to pick up a road bike for Mike and test it out!
Here is the road at the beginning on the way up. Mike and Wayne were catching me after having to stop and fix the seat. I never saw them the rest of the ride.
Mike and his new bike.

The weird thing is that we were there on January 8th, the day the congresswoman was shot in Tucson. Even stranger, is that we were right across the street at a Starbucks when it happened. So strange that a national crisis could hit so close.
Overall, Mt. Lemmon is more than 20 miles uphill and very cold in January. The boys loved it. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia, but it felt good to burn some calories!

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