Dawn to Dusk— Gallup, NM

Last month Mike and I raced duo in Gallup, NM for 12 hours. We each would do a lap and then trade off a batan. The morning stated off really nice when we showed up at 7 am. Mike only had a few minutes to preride and then he had to take off to the starting line.

It begins with a really steep uphill climb! It was pretty hard for me but once you get through the tough parts, the rest of it is really fast downhill.

So. Guess what happens? Wind! Lots of wind! Then the temperature starts dropping. Then…..SNOW!

Here is what I looked like at the end when we were so tired we wanted to just go back to hotel and couldn’t fit anything into the car!

At this point, I was out on my third lap and it was so muddy that I couldn’t move at some parts.

It was so cold!

Mike was a trooper and did four laps. They even had to shut down the race at 5 because the weather got so bad.

We tried! 🙂

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