12 Hours In The Wild West

All of us went up to Ruidoso for a 12 hour race. All of us included: Wayne, Brad, Brent, Jared, Mike, and me so that we could make up two teams. Wayne and Mike were a duo team. Brad, Jared, and I were a trio team. Brent came along to do one lap and hang out.

Here is the starting line. If you look closely, you can see Mike. (Some of these are professional pics by Brian Leddy.)

This is Jared. Kind of hard to tell but man he was flying!

Mike coming in on his first lap.

Brad coming in from his first lap.

Brad and I were trading laps. He tagged me and then I went. This was my fastest lap (58 minutes). None of the other girls on the four man teams hit under an hour. 🙂

Here comes Brent.

Mike and I joy riding the finish line. 🙂

We got second place as a 3 man team and was placed with a 4 man team category.

Mike and Wayne would have gotten third place but Wayne’s derailer busted!

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