Monday Catch Up!

I’m really trying to blog as much as I can on here, but with working full time and a lot of riding and errands this weekend, I got a little behind on what I wanted to do.  I started off this morning with some Overnight Oats that I got from the Peanut Butter Fingers.  She usually adds banana or strawberries to it and it really makes a difference.  I really love strawberries, and I used honey strawberry greek yogurt to flavor it a little more.  I like snacking on it too.
Tonight for dinner, I made some chicken with some Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki marinade on it.  We are pairing it with some brown rice.  Mike and I used to eat salmon and brown rice ALL THE TIME when we first got married, so it brought back memories busting out the Uncle Ben’s brown rice again.
I wasn’t able to get a ride workout in tonight since I got home from work too late, so it will be a one mile run around the neighborhood with Barney and then some of this:



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