Late Night Inspiration

 So I am a HUGE fraidy-cat of the dark.  Lately, I can hardly sleep at night because I feel like our neighborhood sounds are extra loud at night.  Of course, the husband has to make fun of me about that, but it has caused me to sleep a little during the day, since I’m pretty much up awake during the night reading “how-to” books or brainstorming career changes or huge projects around the house.  The nice thing is that Barney is pretty good about being my companion.

I love this picture of Barney from the river a few days ago.  He has this crazed look on his face as he came running towards us.  Just so you know, he would not go near the other side of the flag for fear it was going to wave and attack him.  He has the same reaction to trash bags and random treats brought home to him.  He has his mom’s courage.

Anyway, I usually spend the evening watching all my DVR shows, including my favorite So You Think You Can Dance.  When I am done with my shows, I usually flip over to HGTV or Food Network.  I especially like this one show called “Restaurant Impossible”.  The host Robert Irvine is a great chef, who goes into restaurants and tries to save them from losing money.  He is pretty hard on them and usually ends up with people either really mad at him or crying as he has broken them down.  I especially like it when he inspects the place and tells them how terrible it is.

Yesterday’s episode was the White House Episode where first lady Michelle Obama put him to a test on a community center that needed a transformation.  She also challenged him to make a garden for the community so that the kids can pick and eat the vegetables.  No joke, after that episode, I was online for two hours looking up gardening tips.

This morning I got up and cleared out some weeds and now I am brainstorming how to make planters with these wooden boards we have in our garage.  I am trying to get this accomplished in the next two days.  I’ll keep you posted.

I do this all the time though, where something will trigger an idea in my mind and I sit for hours at night thinking about it.  Thankfully this occurred on a non-work night.  I’ve had nights where I have three hours left before getting up for work and I can’t shut off my brain!

So yes, I want a garden and I am going to try to keep it simple.  Happy gardening!

Question:  Any suggestions for a new gardener?  Have you ever had a “late night” inspiration? 




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