We Meet At Last!


Barney has this routine every Sunday when we drive over to Mike’s parents house.  He will be perfectly normal until we hit the dirt road that turns off to their house.  Then he starts yelping like a hyena.  Near the road, there is a farm house with a dog that runs up and down the fence.  For some reason Barney gets extra loud and irritated at the dog.  Mike named the dog “Red” and every time we get near, Mike will say “You’re going down Red!” and Barney starts acting up, as if he knows the dog’s name is Red too.

Red and Barney have never formally met, occasionally passing by each other.  While playing in the irrigation ditch, Red made an appearance.  And they met face to face.

It was a lot less dramatic as I thought it would be.  Red growled, but Barney didn’t find it as entertaining to bark at him when he wasn’t in a car driving by.

Anyway, I have two products that I’ve tried that are really good!  I highly recommend them.  One is the Jamba Juice smoothie mix in the frozen food section.  We don’t have them here and I miss drinking them while walking around BYU campus.  Add some juice and you got some awesomeness.

I like to drink it for breakfast, but it would be good for a summertime treat too.

Another product is the Alternative Bagels.  The are low-calorie, whole wheat, and have a lot of fiber!! I usually just warm it up briefly in the microwave instead of toasting it and it tastes like a pretzel.  Good stuff!

You can find them in the refrigerated section at Walmart or Albertsons.  Off to work!

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