Superstitious Much?

 Mike and I were talking today about superstitions.  Mike is severely superstitious, me not as much.  I like to do silly things like read my fortune cookie or occasionally look at my horoscope, but nothing really gets to me.  Mike is afraid to say anything out loud for fear “karma” will come back to bite him in the behind.  I don’t blame him sometimes.  It seems like bad luck is out to get him.

A few weeks ago Mike got a new road bike and put a picture of it on Facebook.  He said something to the extent of the “many miles” he would ride on it.  The next day.  It broke.  Poor guy.  Thankfully, it ended up working out that it was under warranty and here is his new bike.  So again, do you blame him?

I can say I have bad luck sometimes too.  Let’s just say the cheese grater won.

I was feeling really guilty today because I feel like my days are wasted unless I have some big project accomplished.  I got really jittery and needed to get out of the house and at least go to the gym.  I think it comes with working all year and then I start going through withdrawal.  I really would love to find some kind of job, but I am struggling with what could work with considering my schedule is a little busy the next couple of weeks.  I feel so useless though.

I pretty much looked like this all week.  Stuck in front of the compter.  Bun in hair.  UNLV shirt on.  No makeup.  I know I need to enjoy this while I don’t have any kids around, but it still is a little embarrassing.

Thankfully this week will pick up.  I have volleyball, interviews, a curriculum meeting, and then off to Vegas! 

Question:  Have you ever had time off and felt guilt about it?  Also, do you have any superstitions?  If so, why?

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