Michael Phelps. Just Saying.

 Mike and I have been watching the Olympics, but have been really into the swimming portion of it.  The other night when Michael Phelps was racing and won silver, Mike was yelling so loud at the gym (we were watching it while doing elliptical) that we may have had a few eyes looking our way.  Okay, maybe a lot of eyes looking our way.  I love how passionate everyone gets yelling and screaming!

I’m sure everyone notices it, but there are two parts of Michael Phelps swimming routine that I REALLY look forward to.  I even will say to Mike “Wait!” if he is talking to me about something right before the race starts.

1.  I call it….the Albatross

Is anyone else amazed at how jello-like his arms are when he swings them like this at the beginning of every race?

2.  I call it….the WHALE.

Do any of you that swim ever put water in your mouth and spit it out?  I was reading today that Ryan Lotche admits to peeing in the pool during practice.

Just saying.

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