Planning Out My Life


I made these for my girls I visit at church courtesy of Pinterest (I am on a roll!).  Mike was tempted to eat them but explained to me he couldn’t “accidentally” take one because it would leave a hole in the styrofoam.  So they are husband-stealing proof. 

I am trying to plan out the rest of my year so I have a lot to look forward to.  Yes, when school starts, I get a little dramatic and feel like my life is going to end.  To get me through each work day, I must have something on my mind. In the past, mountain bike races have been a really good help for me, but since we aren’t racing as much this year, we are planning other things too.

Here is what I have to look forward to in the month of August:

1. Camping in Silver City with Barney

2. Signal Peak Mountain Bike Race

3. The Color Run in Albuquerque ( )

4. Road Trip to California!

So yes, I have to keep telling myself that my life will not end and I have some really fun stuff coming up!  Happy August!

P.S. Today was the cycling time trial with the Olympics and I have found my new hero!! Kristen Armstrong.  She took time off in cycling to have a family and came back with a vengeance today.  Did I mention she also broker her collarbone in May? And still pulled it off? Love her!

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