It Starts.

 Did you ever play the Lion King game on SEGA?  Well if you never did, right at the beginning when you are logging in, Rafiki goes “It starts.”  It sounds so creepy, like your life is about to end.

Anyway, it did start today, work that is.

The dreaded 5 in the morning.  I know some of you like the sound of this and….. hiss to you! 🙂  Anyway, I was pretty proud of myself for getting my butt out of bed and actually doing a workout before I got ready.  I am especially grateful for the pictures that come with it. 🙂

The nice part is we don’t have the kids for another week, so this week is pretty much practice, and if I’m a little late…no biggie.  I get excited buying back to school clothes and stuff.  I got myself a cool lunchbox to take my 7 Day Carb Cycle diet food in.

It was cool because I was at an inservice training for the new assessment program for the district all day and they held it at the brand spanking new high school in town, Centennial High School.  It was so clean and nice.  There are so many neat things about it, like rooms that the lights turn on as soon as you enter or remote control curtains.  They totally hooked up this place.


Tonight for dinner I made pizzas with the Lavash bread again.  I was craving a BBQ chicken pizza.  I highly recommend using Trader Joe’s BBQ sauce.  It has some major kick.  I sautéed some chicken, onions, and peppers and topped it with cheese.  My new favorite pizza.

My sister told me that if you put the pizzas on a cooling rack, that they are crunchy throughout the whole pizza.  Usually, just the edges get way cooked and crispy, but this totally helps.  Also, it takes less time to cook.  It usually takes me about 12 minutes on 400 and tonight it only took 5 minutes.

Before I go, here are two really fun websites for teachers or parents that want to make some fun activities…go check them out.

 Any suggestions for quick morning workouts to do at home? 

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