In Your Own Words

I found this journal entry in my 2012 planner.  I usually go through each past years calendar to see if I am missing any upcoming races or events from the previous year that I want to do.  I remember writing this down as a New Year’s resolution and wanted to share it.  Fill it out and post it to my comments if you get a chance:

Best beauty trick:  staying active and exercising

Celebrity I admire: Jessica Biel (she is athletic looking!)

Instantly feel better: When I get a hug!

The one food I will never give up:  Pizza.

My biggest accomplishment:  11 years of teaching.

I always wanted to learn:  to speak fluent French.

My favorite body part:  Smile.

My pet peeve: When people smack their gum.

Hidden talent: I can organize anything like a mad man!

Best mistake: Not getting married until I was 29.

First thing I do when I wake up:  Pick out my outfit for the day.

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