15 Months!


Stats: 21 pounds and 30 inches.  Her percentile for her head went from 90 to 75 percent. Hehe.  She hasn’t gained anything from her 12 month appointment, but the doctor said that is typical for a toddler who is now running around like a psycho…and she is.

Favorites: Monks…I’ve been trying to ween her off him and only give him to her for emergencies and sleeping.  We are working on having her quit him slowly.  She LOVES anything with wheels.  She likes to push the stroller around in nursery and plays with cars a lot.  She loves to play with dad.  They had a lot of bonding on our beach trip and now she prefers him more than me when it comes to play time!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is pretty good playing on her own has been awesome.  I also love our little classes we go to..they keep her busy and entertained.

Dislikes:  Today we found out it was the doctor…she put up a good fight.  Also, she hates people dressed up as characters…but do you blame her??

Facts: She LOVES the ocean! She would have walked right in and had no fear of the waves at all.  She loved building sand castles with dad and grandpa.  Her new thing this week is to walk in the room and go “Heeeeyyyyy!”.  She was cheering the Tour De France. We would ask her where the bikes were and she would point to the TV.  She is really good at pointing at things in books if we ask her where pictures are.  80 percent of the time she is right! She knows things like apples, bananas, ball, bubbles, dog, kitty, etc.  It’s pretty fun to see her learn!


Sleep Habits:  It’s always one good nights sleep followed by a crappy night’s sleep.  I’ll take it.  She has more good nights than bad so it’s getting better.

Doctors Visits:  Well…she hated everything about her appointment, but she survived.  The doctor told me he sees this a lot in 15 and 18 month old kids because they are starting to remember the doctor’s office.


Eating Habits: She loves her milk. She drinks 3 glasses a day (which is what the doctor says she needs) and then loves her water too! She eats bananas in the morning along with eggs or pancakes.  She loves spaghetti, peas, carrots, egg rolls, and mac and cheese.  She is a pretty good eater. She especially likes to eat anything Mike eats.

Milestones: More talking! Her vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger!

Looking Forward To: Teaching her colors and numbers.  I need help with this early childhood stuff.  I only know middle school teaching stuff! 🙂



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