16 Months!


Stats: Around 21-22 pounds and 30 inches.  For the amount of food she eats, she still hasn’t gained weight since her twelve month check up.  The running around is burning it off!

Favorites: She loves her books!  She really likes this nursery rhyme book of hers that has all sorts of pictures.  She loves to pull her wagon around the house and use her shopping cart to carry things.  She still LOVES her Bubble Guppies! She also loves being outside and is so well behaved when we are outdoors.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Being able to watch Bubble Guppies on our road trips has been awesome.  She is a great traveler and likes to play with cars in her car seat too.  I love her library toddler classes she has been going to and our little park groups. It helps me to be around other moms and get some insight on the parent world.

Dislikes: Being told no.  She curls her lips and screams and then tries it again.  She doesn’t like the baby gates either and throws a fit when we go on the other side of it.  Also, sleeping through the night.  She is still fighting it.  At least she goes back to sleep, but she still wakes up a few times.

Facts: She is a human tornado.  I was absolutely EXHAUSTED last week for having to chase her around.  I finally gave up and packed up all of our mountain bike and triathlon trophies until she is older because she keeps taking things off our shelves. She is fond of baths again because she can play more with toys and likes the water (she hated them for a while).  She loves to climb on things and go up stairs and try to go down the slide on her own at the playground.  She loves to sing and talk a lot.  I still can’t make out some of her jabbering, but she is trying!


Sleep Habits: About two nights a week she will sleep through the night.  The rest of the time consists of waking a few times and I just sit there on my IPAD until she goes back to sleep.  She goes to bed around 8 and gets up about 7.  It’s getting a little better. Baby steps.

Doctors Visits:  None this month.  Thank goodness.


Eating Habits: She loves her milk! She squeals “NOM” every time I pull it out and yells it out when we see milk at the grocery store.  She likes bananas, pancakes, mandarin oranges, chicken, turkey, strawberries, tortillas, spaghetti, mixed vegetables…she ate a whole taco all by herself (cut up of course).  She loves food and especially likes to steal food from her dad.

Milestones: More talking! She started saying STAR, FLOWER, BUBBLE GUPPY, BIRD and some other oldies.  She loves to sing in the back seat while we are driving.  She loves to pretend to cook at her oven and goes to the fridge and wants ice to put in her pots and pans.  She started climbing up on more things, which means she is getting braver.

Looking Forward To: Teaching her all the preschool things like colors and numbers.  I hear at 18 months they start talking a lot.  That will be fun!


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