17 Months!


Stats: Around 22 pounds. I know this because she likes to stand on the scale in the bathroom like it’s a stage.  Doctor’s visit next month! She is a tall girl.

Favorites: She loves to dance, and by dance I mean she likes to stand stiff legged and rock back and forth or twirl in a circle a million times.  She loves her rings that stack. She is really into stacking right now (dad taught her).  She loves to go out front and play with the hose and helps me to pick up weeds.  She loves to go “bye bye” and waits at the door for me when I say it. When it’s bath time, she starts climbing the stairs knowing right where to go.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Nothing’s changed with Bubble Guppies..she is such a huge fan (always says “Bubble?” asking for me to put it on).  I also love this age because she is a lot more independent with play and can spend a few hours in the play room playing with her toys while I do chores and take care of things around the house.  I am also signing up for a gym with a day care which will be very nice!

Dislikes: Being on the other side of the baby gate, being left alone in the nursery at church (we will definitely work on this!), cutting her nails

Facts: She definitely understands a whole lot more. I can say things to her and she is putting two and two together.  I’ll tell her that it’s time to say prayer and she will say “Amen” or if I ask where is mom’s ears, she will look at my ears instead of hers. She knows the different types of foods she is eating if I ask her to point at her peas or her turkey.  I’ll ask her to go get a specific toy from the other room and she will bring it back. I am excited to have her go to nursery and to start day care at the gym so she can learn to be a little more independent in public.


Sleep Habits:She is hit or miss still.  She has a night or two of sleeping through the night but the other nights she wakes up at 11 and 2 screaming her head off and I sit with her until she goes back to sleep.  She goes to bed around 8 and gets up about 7.  When it’s time to go to bed, she says “Night Night” and tries to say “Sleepy Sleep”.

Doctors Visits:  None this month.


Eating Habits: She eats more in the morning than the evening. She loves to eat out.  Aunt Jen and Grandpa came to visit and she was loving herself some mexican food.  She was gobbling up the beans and meat.  No vegetarian here.

Milestones: More talking, more understanding, can climb DOWN stairs now (she was afraid before), loves to run and loves shoes that make her run, asking and pointing to what she wants, asks for mom and dad, called my dad “Papa”, loves to use the words: flower, ball, Jesus, shoes, socks, ears, milk, night-night, star, moon, bubble, etc..

Looking Forward To: Not being sad when I leave her in nursery or day care!  FREEDOM!

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