18 Months!


Stats: 23 pounds and 32 inches (50th percentile); 75th percentile for head.

Favorites: She loves cars/bikes (anything with wheels) and still continues to make car noises constantly. Even when she is mad, instead of crying or yelling, she will make a high squealed car noise to let us know she is upset.  I’ve been buying her hot wheels and she loves to park them in a row. She loves STARS.  Anytime it is night-time she will point to the sky and say “Star” (future astronomer perhaps?). She loves to stack and line up things in a row. She loves to stand on her books and is really getting into climbing this month. She loves to make woofing sounds when she sees a dog or cat.  She loves animals.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Of course, Bubble Guppies are a lifesaver.  Her toys keep her pretty busy.  She is beginning to like puzzles and likes to paint with water.  She is a great eater, which is awesome for us.  Going to nursery at church is awesome for us.  And Monks will always be on the list of the lifesavers.

Dislikes: Being left in nursery, having her face wiped, not being able to climb up on the couch, being left alone at all, sleeping through the night (still..)…

Facts: It was crazy to see her change to a “kid” this last month. More words starting coming out of her mouth like “again” “stairs” “slide” “swing” “boo-boo” “night-night, dada” “apple” “please” “cheese” “pumpkin” and the usual mom and dad and many more.  She is starting to go down the slide by herself and is sitting in chairs better.  She is still very hyper in her toddler classes, but loves to do the finger plays and songs (not really liking the books being read to her). She likes to talk on the phone and says bye-bye every time I hang up the phone with someone. She is good at going down a single step, which used to make me nervous.  She is a great road tripper.


Sleep Habits:I feel like this will always be the issue we have.  At least she goes to bed at 8 and doesn’t start freaking out til midnight or even two in the morning.  When I finally get her back to sleep, she gets up at 7.

Doctors Visits:  Just had it and nothing to report. The doctor said that there is no sign of the fracture she had from birth.  Crazy that now it goes to just going to the doctor every year now.  She is so grown up!


Eating Habits: She loves her milk! She’s been really into dunking her graham crackers in milk.  She is pretty good with the spoon and fork too.  She loves mexican food and tried out some new things this month like mushrooms and cucumbers and didn’t seem to mind.  She doesn’t like the same food over and over again for meals.  She wants variety, which I find funny.

Milestones: More talking, more understanding, the climbing increased this month, and she is more coordinated with running.  She is really good at cleaning up when I ask her to clean up her toys.  She also is getting good at puzzles if I point to where the piece goes.  I can ask her to go get things and she will bring them to me from the other room.  She wants to mimic everything I do when it comes to housework and laundry.  My little helper! SHE STARTED NURSERY AT CHURCH! She cried, but she lasted the whole time.  I had to go in during snack time and help out, but after they went outside for play time, I knew she would be okay (she LOVES the outdoors).

Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving and Christmas and teaching her words like “Santa Claus” and “Christmas tree”. Also, teaching her how to draw and color more…


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