Luke: 6 Months!


Stats: 17.8 pounds and 25 inches

Favorites: His mickey blanket (I think we have a Linus on our hands), froggie, his playmats, he smiles so big at Olivia even though she mainly wants nothing to do with him (unless I make her)

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: He basically has stations around the house to keep him busy when he is not being held: His kicking piano (which he loves to kick), his jumper, his playpen, his playmat and his high chair. He is so good about playing on his own! He loves to jump!


Dislikes: Not being fed fast enough. He’s not a fan of green beans and peas, but he will eat a few bites. Nightime.  The bewitching hour is around seven at night.  He is ready for bed but fights it a little.  

Facts: Eating baby food, two teeth, sitting up like a frog, smiling a lot, likes to pull on his rings and dangly toys, loves to shop and look around at things, he loves to grab my phone out of my hand…


Sleep Habits: He falls asleep pretty well, but then wakes up once or twice a night. We are trying to wean him from the night feedings this month.

Doctors Visits: He did great at his six month check up and even had to get his shots.  He still had a little cradle cap, that we managed to get rid of this month! He got a pretty bad cold for a couple of weeks that seemed like it would never go away!

Eating Habits: He is still eating about six ounces four to five times a day and then baby food two to three times a day.  He loves pears, peaches, apples, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, and bananas.

Milestones: two bottom teeth, finally sitting up a little, eating pureed foods, babbling and screeching a lot

Looking Forward To: Being able to sit him up in a shopping cart and sitting him up to play with toys.



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