Olivia: 3 Years Old!


Now that Olivia is older, I stopped doing the month by month and now would like to update this blog at least every six months with her! It’s crazy how much she has grown since my last entry for her.

Stats: 3 ft 3.5 inches , 32 pounds (Last October she was 2 ft 11 inches, 29 pounds..she grew so much!)


Favorites: Where to start. This girl loves PLAY and EVERYTHING that has to do with it. She starts the day with an episode of Paw Patrol, Team Umizoomi, or Daniel Tiger to start off her day.  Most days we swim, go to storytime, shop, or go to the mall and ride the rides. She loves to go to Gym Magic to open gym.  She loves her best friend Mallory and always asks about her. She loves to dig and still loves to carry around her monkeys and talks to them.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: ABC Mouse, Going to Kids Kountry (to socialize), playing with puzzles, her bike and scooter keep her busy


Dislikes: When I put her in time out (she has the time out cry), when Luke touches anything of hers or even looks at her in the car (“Stop looking at me Baby Luke!”), other kids touching Luke, making her go to bed when she wants to play, taking toys away when she gets out of control.


Facts: The dentist said that her gap is actually a good thing and is not the least concerned about it.  She is stopped DAILY and asked if her hair is natural. She loves to bike, go for walks, play at the park for hours, and constantly asks if we are going to go to California.  She can sing so many songs by heart, but “I am a Child of God” is her favorite. She listens to the same three CDs in the car over and over again. She loves to be the boss of Luke. When she is super excited about something, she won’t say a word but just looks at you and jumps as high as she can. She seriously needs to be in drama because we ask her to show an emotion and she will act it out perfectly for us.

Sleep Habits: So so nice! She still naps for me and sometimes will go three hours if I let her! She goes to bed between 9 and 10 and gets up around 7 or 8 (with the nap during the day). Some days we go without nap and she goes to bed about 8. She transitioned to a big girl bed like it was nothing and I’ve had no issues with it, except the occasional falling out of bed.


Doctors Visits: She seriously just sprained her ankle last week, but other than that she’s been pretty good about avoiding catastrophe (knock on wood).

Eating Habits: She loves to eat cereal or muffins for breakfast and is not a fan of eggs (even though she ate them a ton when she was smaller). Her lunch consists of sandwiches, lunchables, nuggets, leftover dinner, apples, bananas, etc. She will eat every fruit out there. She is pretty much a snacker during the day and doesn’t really obsess about food (which I don’t push her to eat). She loves pizza and macaroni and cheese. She even likes broccoli because of school.


Milestones: So many! Her vocabulary is so different than six months ago.  I can have full on conversations with her and ask her to do favors for me all of the time. We are still working on her answering “Why?” questions. She can recite “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” word for word and does it with her Old McDonald book too. She can swim only with floaties.  She ran a 100m race in May for Run Disney. She can lift her feet on her balance bike and is just beginning to use pedals on her other bike. She went from crying when I put her in daycare, to not caring at all if I drop her off at school or gym daycare. I love that!

Looking Forward To:  Having more grown up conversations with her. I really love our family vacations with her and how excited she is to travel. Christmas is going to be so fun this year! This age is difficult at times, but really fun at the same time!


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