Luke: 10 Months!


Stats: 29 inches, 21 pounds (No doctor visit this month!)

Favorites: He still really loves to play with blocks.  He also has a fascination with his little V Tech singing bus and helicopter. He brings them in the car with him.  He also is obsessed with Mickey. If I show him his blanket or a cartoon of him, he gets really happy. He is starting to play rough.  He likes to wrestle.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: He can sit in his play pen for a long time and just sits and plays with his toys. He is practicing trying to stand up and can do it with assistance of the side of the play pen.  He also loves to sit in his high chair for a while and chill out.  He really likes to play in Olivia’s room.

Things He Hates: Now that he is more active, he hates diaper changes and clothes changing and I must say I hate it too.  It is a chore to put clothes on him while he is crawling away!  And whoever came up with button up clothes instead of zippers, obviously never dealt with a ten month old before!


Facts: He added another tooth this month and now has four teeth.  He is definitely eating a lot more and has become a little bit of a light sleeper. I found out that sharing a room with him wakes him up more so I am glad he has his own room now. He has become more clingy and moody, which makes me sad because he used to go to EVERYONE!

Sleep Habits:  2 naps (one in the morning for an hour and a half and the other for about a half an hour) and then sleeps from around eight at night until  seven or eight in the morning.


Doctors Visits: None this month.

Eating Habits: He loves to eat carrots a lot and is into eating oranges and peaches too. He loves muffins and pancakes in the morning with his yogurt bites. He eats mashed potatoes a lot along with rice.  He loves to drink from a straw.


Milestones: Three teeth, Went swimming for the first time, Feeds himself, Loves to look at books, Crawls around, Stands with assistance, and Drinks from Straw. He is really good about drinking from a sippy on his own.

Looking Forward To: Standing and Walking (I know its asking for it, but it gets annoying that he can’t walk with me into stores.)!

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