A Change In The Weather

Ever since we came back from San Diego, this has been Barney’s permanent spot.  He somehow became even more obsessed with playing frisbee in the backyard.  If we even say the word “play” or “frisbee” in totally normal voices, he’ll immediately run to the door and look out.

He is extra annoyed in this picture because I refuse to keep on going out.  He would run his legs to bloody stumps if he could.  I told Mike when we are rich, that I am investing in a frisbee thrower.  (If they even have one.)

I am really excited to have my sister here in a couple of weeks so I can take her here to Pro Ranch Market.  I guess it’s always been a huge deal in New Mexico, but I had never even heard of it.  Basically, it’s really cheap.  And they play a lot of authentic Mexican music inside.  I actually feel like I am at EPCOT at Walt Disney World when I go in there for some reason.

Their produce is so cheap and very fresh!  I walked off with a basket load of cucumbers, onions, lettuce, apples, limes, green chiles, and carrots for around ten bucks! 

After a workout at the gym this morning, where I ran into one of my students (which was embarrassing and happens a lot), I took care of some projects and then got ready for a ride.  Yes, I found my other pink sock.  It has been missing since San Diego.  Where did we find it? It had mysteriously slipped INTO one of Mike’s jersey pockets…how does that happen?

Anyway, as we were driving to the OCHO coarse in Picacho Hills, I noticed the sky looking a little green towards El Paso.  Then I got a notice on my phone for a sever thunderstorm warning producing 60 mph winds and hail. 

I am showing the comparison of west versus east.  Notice the left hand side of the screen is super dark…yet it was so nice out towards the west.  Anyway, it made me a little nervous….but we rode anyway.  (I’ve had to pick up Mike in lightning storms where he refused to give up a ride.  Most of my close calls with lightning involve biking and the husband telling me not to be a wuss. 🙂 )

We ended up being ok, but cut the ride short mainly because of the wind.  And nothing happened.  So weird.  I like the change in weather though.  This usually happens in July, but we need it.  The last rainstorm we had was back in the beginning of May.

It was home to another night of Chicken Lettuce Wraps and then off to watch my shows.  Teaching rocks.

P.S. Coconut Lifewater is awesome.

Question: Have you had any close calls with lightning?

Barney and I got stuck in a lightning storm by ourselves in Cloudcroft when we got separated from Mike.  We ended up running/biking back five miles to the car in the soaking rain.  Good times.

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