What a crazy week!  I am so behind on my blogging that I pretty much am going to slam a bunch of pictures on here to show all that we did.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get my pictures developed for our “Rafting the Rio” day, so stay tuned for a future post on that.

We did manage to get some mountain biking on the Dona Ana’s and it was awesome!  I finally conquered one of the three stops that I always have to walk on Cathedral.  Mark my words, I will make it up Cathedral this week.  I am planning on conquering it on Tuesday night.  Believe it or not, it is one of my yearly goals on my “Vision Board” blog post.

I was able to make it over this part of the course (that looks pretty easy, but I always have to clip out here because of all the jagged rocks.

It was really fun to have a lot of family around.  I am the youngest of three, so it was neat to have a huge crew of brothers and sisters around.  We ate dinner at a local Las Cruces mexican restaurant called “Si Senors” that makes excellent new mexican dishes drizzled in green chile or red chile sauce. 

Barney was having a blast hanging out with his cousins.  Since he is the youngest, he was a little more agile and faster with getting the frisbee.  As you can tell, the other dogs did not appreciate that too much.

We were able to get a family photo of the whole clan together, which is a rare sight.

That’s a lot of people in one place for a week of shenanigans! 

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the week:

Question: How often are you able to get ALL of your family members together? Do you have any traditions when you do get together?

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