Luke: 9 Months!

Poor Luke got dissed because of all of the moving around we had to do this month! We moved out of our house, stayed at Uncle Brent’s for a month, and then moved into our new place! Fortunately, he got to go to Disneyland for the first time this month and he had a blast!


Stats: 19.8 pounds, 27.5 inches

Favorites: He sure does love his milk, he tries to stand but doesn’t win, trying to crawl, he loves to kick his toys, he loves to sit in Olivia’s room and try to play with her toys, he EATS EVERYTHING! He especially loves Mickey Mouse! He loved DISNEYLAND!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: We love to put the Lego Duplo blocks out and he spends a long time playing with those! The high chair and play pens have been a great help! He is really good about playing by himself.

Things He Hates:  Teething stunk this month and he is starting to be a little clingy and not want to go to others.


Facts: 3 teeth now and is almost crawling! Drinks out of a sippy like a champ!

Sleep Habits:  He is a great night sleeper, but his naps stink! He takes three naps a day but not for long.  He was throwing up pretty bad on and off for two weeks straight, which really screwed him up.


Doctors Visits:  His 9 month appointment and unfortunately he had two other doctors visits for the stomach flu.  Olivia and I were lucky not to get it , but Mike got it!

Eating Habits: Eats about six bottles a day…and still loves his baby food.  I’ve added soft breads to the list.  He loves chopped up carrots too.


Milestones: Going to Disneyland, On all fours, Has his own room now!

Looking Forward To: For him to stand up!


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