Luke: 16 and 17 Months!


I’ve been way  behind on updating Luke’s stats so I’ll post two months of Luke on this entry.  In fact, I think his 15 month is a little short because I wrote a long post about him and then it ended up getting erased for some reason, so I gave up in frustration!


Stats: 24 pounds at 16 months and then up to 24.9 pounds at 17 months.  Still going strong on being a pound or two heavier than Olivia at this age. At his last doctor’s appointment he was 32 inches, which means he is growing about an inch a month.

Favorites: He isn’t as dependent on his Mickey Mouse blanket (except when I drop him off at daycare at the gym).  He loves to play with anything Olivia is playing with which annoys the heck out of her. We have a huge box in our bedroom that he likes to climb in. In fact, his favorite thing to do right now is hide in cabinets and in cubby holes.  He loves to go outside and would run around our backyard all day if I let him. He loves DAD and gives a cheesy grin and runs up to him. He loves trampolines. He loves to read books and will lay on his tummy and read books for a while like a teenage girl on the phone.  He loves to hide in Olivia’s closet and plays with all of her toys. He loves babies!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: His high chair (to keep him still), his train table, all of his Vtech toys (which end up in the car), Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, milk and food, and doors that lock.

Dislikes: When I don’t let him get into the dishwasher, when I take him away from Olivia when he is pestering her, when I won’t let him out of our front courtyard to run down the street, and when I take away the remote when he steals it.


Facts: He keeps getting faster and faster and loves to climb on everything.  He is a daredevil and loves to push the envelope.  He loves to clap and gets excited when people take pictures of him. He doesn’t say much, but he understands when I tell him to come, or when it is time to eat, or tell him to get his dad, or to go get his blanket.  (I think he has ear problems, which is contributing to his speech issues, plus I just think he just doesn’t want to.) He is such a happy guy and is always smiling.  He has puffy eyes when he wakes up in the morning, just like when I was little.  He is in his own little world and loves to look to the side or up at the ceiling while he walks around the room. He loves to put a blanket over his face and walk around.  He loves to open doors and has learned to escape.  He wears size 18 clothes but has short, stubby legs.  He  is definitely a morning kid. He adores Olivia even though she yells at him all the time. I tell her that I am going to get rid of him and she goes “You can’t. I LOVE him.”

Sleep Habits: He has been a great sleeper and I am extremely grateful for it.  We are definitely down to one nap a day.  Also, when he is sick, the awesome sleep is out the window.



Doctors Visits: I could write a whole page on his doctors visits.  I was bragging a while back about how my kids don’t get sick and then BAM! He got the stomach flu. Then he had hand, foot and mouth disease, and then three ear infections (which means tubes are being talked about), and then RSV. I blame it on the fact that he still puts EVERYTHING in this mouth.  It doesn’t help that three of his doctors moved away, so I ended up moving clinics.  It’s been a real mess. He is a real mess. Haha!


Eating Habits: He still is a pretty good eater.  He likes waffles, muffins, or pancakes for breakfast along with yogurt bites and juice.  For lunch, he loves things like chicken nuggets, cheese, lunch meat, carrots, and pretty much every dairy product out there. His favorite dinners are Panda Express chow mein and pizza.  Spaghetti and Macaroni and Cheese are always great fall backs too. He is picky about fruit, which is really weird to me.

Milestones: Walking and running pretty consistently.  Saying words like : get, blanket, hi and hey.  He points to things when I say it like his Jesus picture or a picture of a baby. He waves hi and bye with both hands.  He loves to talk to himself in the mirror.  He is starting to collect things in baskets.  He tries to put his shoes on and has tried to put hats on too. He’s gotten almost all of his teeth in but four of them.  He can climb like a champ.  He can use his car scooter now backward and forward. I feel like the last two months have been pretty good as to how well he is progressing.


Looking Forward To:  Speaking more, not being sick, putting him in gymnastics classes, taking him to nursery at church!!