18 and 19 Months!


Again, I have slacked on keeping up with Luke and his blog entries. It looks like I will be doing things about two months at a time.  He is changing so much so I’m trying to capture everything he is doing and learning!

Stats: 25-26 pounds depending on how full the diaper is! He is 33 inches.  His BMI is over weight but they aren’t worrying because he looks healthy and doesn’t look like too much of a fatty!


Favorites: The last two months he has switched around with his favorite things and has gotten so much personality.  He was really into dolls and shopping carts and pushing things around the house.  Now he is really into cars and rolling them across the floor. He LOVES books! Almost every picture I capture of him now is when he has a book in his hand because it’s the only time he is standing still. If you sit on the floor, he crawls up into your lap and wants to read with you.  He still loves his Mickey blanket, but has been able to go to the gym day care without it.  He still brings it to nursery for comfort. He also loves nursery rhymes a lot! His favorite is the “Open/Shut” song and “Twinkle, Twinkle”. He also loves to wear HATS… a lot.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Books, cars, the outdoors, his stroller to keep him contained, his high chair to keep him contained, Olivia to keep him entertained, and nursery rhymes.

Dislikes: When I tell him “Don’t even think about it…”. For as devilish as he looks, he actually listens pretty well about 80 percent of the time. He knows what cupboards not to get into and areas of the house I don’t want him to.  He hates it when I wipe his nose, and considering he has been pretty sick a lot, that happens a lot! He doesn’t like a lot of foods and is a little picky.


Facts: At 18 months, he had me super worried about talking but I feel like his 19th month he took off.  He says words like “sit, stand, stay, star, again, good, up, get, shoes, socks” and a few more. He says “good” when he is eating food and he is really good at saying “all done” when he is finished with something.  I credit this to the fact that he got tubes this month and really see a huge improvement, plus he has a speech therapist come visit once a week and she gives me ideas.  I love it when he says “Bye” because he really focuses on the B and it comes out loud. He can run pretty well and can now climb on the couch without trouble. He likes to jump on the bed and loves to dig and lay in the dirt out back.  He still loves to push the shopping cart around. He really loves numbers and can say the numbers 5, 6, and 8 really well. He knows the letters A,O, I, and E and can occasionally point to others if I ask him (like J and B).  He is getting better about staying close and has actually went from being super independent to being a little clingy with me. He loves to slide and play in Barney’s dog cage.


Sleep Habits: I’ve never really had to complain about his sleep habits. He has been sick though so I’ve had to go in a lot lately and hold him for a bit until he falls asleep and then put him back in his bead. He usually goes to bed around 8 or 9 at night and gets up around 7 or 8.  His naps range from 1 to sometimes 3 hours if I’m lucky. He definitely fights taking a nap!


Doctors Visits: I could write a whole page on his doctors visits again! I thought the last two months were bad and then it continued. More ear infections finally led to an appointment with an ENT and we finally got tubes placed in! He did great with the surgery. It was super fast and the people were so nice.  He didn’t cry at all and was playing around a few hours later.  This week he got a respiratory infection and he has had a lot of drainage from his ears, but that means the tubes are working!


Eating Habits: He is hit or miss. He used to eat everything, but now he has become a little picky.  He would eat mac and cheese every day if I let him! He loves pizza and chow mein and could eat cheese all day too. Watermelon, bananas, and goldfish are also his favorite.  I need more meal ideas!



Milestones: Running better, talking more, sharing items, understanding letters and numbers, playing pretend with cars, and he started NURSERY at church!



Looking Forward To:  No more sickness, teaching him how to swim, putting him in his two year old class once a week, learning more words including two and three word sentences.