It’s Been A Long Time Vegas!

 I was thinking about it the other day, and I could not remember the last time I saw my family in Vegas.  Most of my family has come out here to see me, which has been very nice, but in the last month I have been able to go twice!

The sad part is I hardly took any pictures!  When I went a few weeks ago, I met up with my sister and niece for a Saturday run.  They have been practicing for a 5k and I am getting ready for a 5k this Saturday, so it was nice to go out and jog it.  My niece has gotten so old!  She looks like a pro!

Future marathon runner in training.  Speaking of that. I have committed to my other niece (who is 15 years older than this niece), that I would love to join her for the St. George Marathon in October 2013.  I am so excited to train for that!  I never thought I would try a marathon, but I REALLY want to do this and I’m using it as my motivation for the next year. (Plus I heard there was a lot of downhill on it.)

Running is awesome. Too bad while you are running it isn’t fun, but the after effects are what keeps me going.

The other set of pictures I have from Vegas are when I went for my Mom’s birthday/Mike’s Viva Bike Vegas trip. 

It was nice to get the whole family together so we could catch up, even though it was such a whirlwind weekend!

I mean, look at these cute faces!  How could you not miss that??

Can’t wait to see everyone again in December!



The Color Run Albuquerque, NM

 I’ve always wanted to do a Color Run ever since I saw someone post it on Facebook.  Since June, I have been bugging Mike to go and talked the brothers into going too.  I was definitely made fun of a lot and was even scolded when we found out the Bike MS race was the same weekend!  So we made a sacrifice and continued to press on with the plans!

The crowd was pretty big for such a small town.  We had 6,000 people.  Places like Philadelphia and New York had 65,000 people.  I can’t imagine!

Pre-race stretching.  Is that guy going to the bathroom?  (He isn’t, but it sure looks like it and makes the picture more funny!)

Here I am coming across the finish line.  Out of the four of us, I was last, but I have my reasons!  I did it in less than a half an hour and consider that great considering I stopped running when we were getting sprayed and talked to the people.  The boys made it a competition.

Mike won the “Who Got The Most Color Running” contest.  We really didn’t get that much until the Color Festival.  It’s where they count down from ten and everyone throws their dust in the air.

This is what I looked like…and then…

Brad and Jared both had red dust and I got it all.  I am still trying to get it out of my hair! 

This is my absolute favorite picture of the day.  The powder was so thick that it felt like it was night-time.

Can you believe this was taken on a cell phone?  What a cool idea.  It was pretty fun standing in it.  What a fun date idea too if you want to bring the significant other.  We had a blast! We are definitely gonna do it next year. A lot of people walked, some people had strollers, and some people were in wheel chairs.  I highly recommend it for anyone.

Zensah Compression Socks


I have been talking about these socks for weeks now and I thought about how I really wanted to blog about it because I really, genuinely, actually, beyond doubt recommend these.

My sister and I send each other these digital recorders with random musings about life.  Believe me, one of these days I am going to blog about it and tell you some of the funny things she has to say.  One of the things we do (usually more my sister) is a product review on something we tried.  This made my list.

I bought the calf compressions because that is usually my sorest part when I run and mountain bike.  If I cramp, that is usually the first place I cramp.  I’ve tried these out running as well as mountain biking, and I have had NO cramping.  I’m not saying that you won’t cramp, but I feel like the compression definitely helps the circulation in my legs.

Go to this website or look them up on Amazon: