Zensah Compression Socks


I have been talking about these socks for weeks now and I thought about how I really wanted to blog about it because I really, genuinely, actually, beyond doubt recommend these.

My sister and I send each other these digital recorders with random musings about life.  Believe me, one of these days I am going to blog about it and tell you some of the funny things she has to say.  One of the things we do (usually more my sister) is a product review on something we tried.  This made my list.

I bought the calf compressions because that is usually my sorest part when I run and mountain bike.  If I cramp, that is usually the first place I cramp.  I’ve tried these out running as well as mountain biking, and I have had NO cramping.  I’m not saying that you won’t cramp, but I feel like the compression definitely helps the circulation in my legs.

Go to this website or look them up on Amazon: