Pre Race Superstitions

As hesitant as I want to admit it, I am a little superstitious when it comes to race day.  There are certain rituals that have to be done in order to make sure we are calm and ready for a race.  For a while it was never discussed, until we finally came to terms and told each other things we HAD to do or else it would ruin any routine we had.
Superstition #1:  You must eat a bowl of oatmeal before the race.  We seriously love Starbuck’s Perfect Oatmeal (if you haven’t tried it, do it…and its only $2.95!).  Even if you have to force it down your throat, which I usually end up doing out of nervousness, you must eat some! 
Superstition #2.  Let me back up a second.  You have to have a night before meal which consists of chicken pad thai (from Thai Delight) and salads.  It is fuel for the legs and lungs. 🙂 Anything else, leaves you less than ready for the next day.
 Superstition 3 : If there are bad songs on the radio, then it will be a bad race.  Only good tunes allowed.
Superstition #4:  No talking before a race. We both are nervous, therefore we just make it worse if we talk.  It helps to avoid any confrontations.
Superstition #5:  Mike must check the front tire of my bike.  Even if I know its on,  I’ve raced where the tire flew off and it wasn’t pretty, so Mike has to check it and put it on each time from now on.
That about sums up the basic superstitions we have.  If these rules are not followed, catastrophe lies ahead.
P.S. Chocolate milk and pickle juice. Awesome after race combination.

High Altitude Classic

It’s the night before the first mountain bike race of the season for me and I can’t sleep.  I usually am not that nervous, but I didn’t practice a lot over winter and feel like I went down a whole category in my riding skills.  Tomorrow’s race is going to be hard. Period.
Picture four massive hills, which includes one long jeep road that climbs 1000 feet up and then takes you through a campground and then up more hills.  And then picture doing it twice.  I guess thats what I get for moving up from Cat 3 beginner to Cat 2 Sport. 
My goal is to get top three.  Here’s hoping.

Leg Anyone?

Today we took a quick ride around the race course in Cloudcroft. In two weeks the High Altitude race will be held and well, I am a little rusty. Mike was showing me the ropes on where I need to go and I was starting to feel more confident on the bike!
This pleasant looking thing was found at the bottom of the most bombing part of the trail…Bailey Canyon! I was a little disgusted by it until Mike picked it up and then I was REALLY disguested by it!