Grilled Onion and Pulled Pork Sandwiches


The day before yesterday I threw some pork and beef broth in my crock pot again.  It’s such an easy recipe that I find myself making it every couple of weeks!  This time I threw about six or seven whole roasted green chiles into the mix and it broke up in the crock pot perfectly. When I went to put the pork in a Tupperware, both the chiles and the pork broke up perfectly.

Last night we got home a little late for our bike ride, so I wanted to make something quick.  I heated up the pork and added bbq sauce to it.  I grilled onions in a pan of garlic olive oil and waited until they were caramelized.  I put the onions inside a hot dog bun and then added the pork.  It was good stuff!

I thought I was going to have a replay of the night before when it came to the storms we keep getting during my riding time.  This was the direction on the trail I wanted to head last night.

Thankfully, the weather did opposite.  This is what the trail looked like by the time I finished!

How awesome is that??



 What a crazy week!  I am so behind on my blogging that I pretty much am going to slam a bunch of pictures on here to show all that we did.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get my pictures developed for our “Rafting the Rio” day, so stay tuned for a future post on that.

We did manage to get some mountain biking on the Dona Ana’s and it was awesome!  I finally conquered one of the three stops that I always have to walk on Cathedral.  Mark my words, I will make it up Cathedral this week.  I am planning on conquering it on Tuesday night.  Believe it or not, it is one of my yearly goals on my “Vision Board” blog post.

I was able to make it over this part of the course (that looks pretty easy, but I always have to clip out here because of all the jagged rocks.

It was really fun to have a lot of family around.  I am the youngest of three, so it was neat to have a huge crew of brothers and sisters around.  We ate dinner at a local Las Cruces mexican restaurant called “Si Senors” that makes excellent new mexican dishes drizzled in green chile or red chile sauce. 

Barney was having a blast hanging out with his cousins.  Since he is the youngest, he was a little more agile and faster with getting the frisbee.  As you can tell, the other dogs did not appreciate that too much.

We were able to get a family photo of the whole clan together, which is a rare sight.

That’s a lot of people in one place for a week of shenanigans! 

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo of the week:

Question: How often are you able to get ALL of your family members together? Do you have any traditions when you do get together?

Rain Riding

It’s July in Las Cruces, which means the end of the drought season.  Even though we are in desperate need of water, it is really nice to not have the rain (for selfish reasons) to worry about when needing to go biking.  So many times we have been caught in rain storms or even lightning storms where we’ve had to ride for our lives to get out of them.

Yesterday we went over to the Dona Ana’s to have a “family ride”.  When we showed up, there was the usual downpour.  We had to sit it out for about ten to fifteen minutes.  Thank goodness we are obsessed with the games Draw Something and Scramble so Mike kept himself occupied.


When I see rain like this, I admit I question whether or not I want to ride.  I really hate getting wet and I REALLY hate wind.  In all of our races, we have experienced snow, rain, lightning, and dust storms.  It’s cool afterwards to have the war stories but it ain’t pretty.

Thankfully I have a husband who pushes me to go even if I don’t really feel like it.  Yesterday was pretty crappy weather, but I had a lot of fun hanging out with these kids.

Question: How bad does the weather have to be for you to run or ride?  Do you have any close calls with weather?



  Considering the whole country is under a heat wave right now, it probably isn’t a shock that its hotter than Hades here.  Therefore, I have to sacrifice my sleep and start getting up early to work out.  Yesterday, I woke up at 6 to go to the gym and felt like I had a ton of bricks strapped to my body.  I have a deep respect for anyone who gets up early every day for the gym.  Now that I am out of “school mode”, it’s hard!!

Today Mike and I accidentally slept in til 9 and wanted to make it out on a morning ride.

We take three-mile laps through a local neighborhood. I made a goal of five laps today and felt pretty good.  One note though, make sure you get “fitted” to your bike.  I haven’t done it yet and I can tell I am learning some bad habits and the position on my seat is definitely not right.  I could have ridden longer, but because of that problem I had to stop.  Not to mention the sweltering temperatures.


O.K. so I am majorly nostalgic and you can blame it on my family. 🙂  I am always trying to bring back stories and memories from the past.  Mike says our Disney World nostalgia is a little much in our family, but I am perfectly content with it.  We HAVE to go to Disney at least once a year, even if we have to go to Disneyland.  I love it.

Well, I swindled Mike into being nostalgic too.  Warped Tour came to Las Cruces and one of our favorite bands, New Found Glory, was going to be in it.  Mike used to go back in the olden days with his friends to the Tour and I used to go to NFG concerts with my friends back in Vegas when they would be at the House of Blues.  The memories are so awesome.

Seeing that we are in our thirties now, we felt a little sheepish for going, since the median age for the Tour is about fifteen.

It was so fun!  I was made fun of for going, but it was really cool to hear them again and the best part was being in the crowd and experiencing the chaos of concerts.  I’m not gonna lie I got a little scared when the crowd surfing started, but thankfully my tall husband took care of that.  Mike’s brother Jared was there too and was brave to surf the crowds. 

We got to meet the band and had them sign a poster for our loft too!  It seriously was a lot of fun…even if I was too old! 🙂

Question:  Have you ever done something you thought you were too old to do?  What do you think are things thirty somethings should NOT be doing?

San Diego Last Days In A Nutshell

So I fell a little behind on blogging the last couple of days in San Diego.  Honestly, we contemplated leaving early because of the dreary weather, but when we woke up on Tuesday, it was beautiful! Why couldn’t it have done that the other three days we were there?

Again, we spent our breakfast at Starbucks.  Love my perfect oatmeal.  We thought about going to the gym instead of riding all around San Diego because of how cool the weather was, but we sucked it up and went out anyway.

We rode out to a pier with a bunch of crabs and enjoyed the marina. There were like twenty stray cats hanging out there.  What a perfect place for them to hide…all you can eat crab!

 We then headed over to Mission Beach along the boardwalk and then up to La Jolla.  It’s so fun to ride along the boardwalk and people watch.  You see some crazy people.  We take a side street up to La Jolla from there.  I say up, because it has the hugest hills to ride on.  I love the view in the background.

It ends on top of Mount Soledad which is a monument above La Jolla that gives a great panoramic view of the city. Mike wanted pose like Rocky with his bike.  This was before he decided to mountain bike the side of the mountain with a few onlookers watching him.

We went to the San Diego LDS Temple the next day, where you can see it from this mountain also.  Of course, the sun decided to come out this day (which was the last day there), so we had to take advantage of the sunshine. 


It was fun to tour the city on the bikes.  Later on we had to stop at our favorite Wahoo’s and get some fish and shrimp tacos.  I used to order the fish tacos all the time and you can see my recipe where I try to remake the whole plate under my Recipes section.  This time I switched over to shrimp and they were awesome!  The calorie count is a little bit lower so its good if you are watching your waist.  Also,I am on the hunt now for Mr. Lee’s Chili Sauce that they have at the restaurant.  I can’t find a link for it anywhere.

And then we headed off to Old Town to check out the sites, including the Mormon Batallion Museum.

I love Old Town.  It is so fun to walk around and smell all the aromas of the restaurants, as well as the museums.  Mike makes fun of me because I like to go to museums.  He says I’m an old fart for liking that stuff, even though he goes with me and enjoys it as much as I do.

We spent our last moments at the beach where Mike boogie boarded while I sat and read.  I love the ocean, and I love to swim in the ocean.  But I can’t swim in the Pacific without a wet suit.  Give me the Atlantic any day or the Gulf of Mexico, and I will be in the water, but I can’t get myself to go into the Pacific Ocean.  Maybe if I went to Hawaii or something?

Question:  If you could go anywhere in the United States on vacation, where would you go?

San Diego Day One

  We finally were able to make our yearly pilgrimage to San Diego.  We usually try to make it later in the summer, but we just couldn’t wait.  Plus we are coming mainly for our anniversary too.  Happy 3rd anniversary to us! Three years have flown by and we have so many awesome memories together.  We have been very lucky.

Since I am a little behind on blogging, I thought I would get up early at the hotel and do some blogging before we go out today on a MASSIVE bike ride.  When I say massive, I mean at least forty or fifty miles away from town, in the hills, and across the whole city of San Diego.  Last time we did this, we ended up about thirty miles north of town watching people glide off cliffs.  Stay tuned to see what we find today. 🙂

We finally made it.  Mike makes fun of me because I always have to have my hands on my hips.  I never know where to put my hands.  I call it the “awkward hand pose” because if I don’t put them on my hip, I look extremely awkward.

First thing we did was head to the beach and noticed it was super cloudy and cold. Boo.  We never have weather like this on our trips.  Mike didn’t let it damper his mood, so he found a blow up bat and decided to joust with it on his bike.

He then was trying to ride his bike along the ledge and thankfully stopped before he hurt himself.  It’s nerve-wracking when people stop and say they are going to film it on You Tube for you. 

Dinner consisted of shrimp tacos at Wahoo’s Fish tacos (which I forgot to take pictures of) with a side of Cajun rice and black beans.  I’ve never had the shrimp tacos and they were awesome!  I can’t say which one I like more, the shrimp or the fish, but I highly recommend both!

Memorial Day Weekend


Usually on a holiday weekend we will go to Cloudcroft or we just find a way to get all the brothers and family together to go ride something on the Dona Ana’s.  I say “brothers” because usually its me…and then brothers. 🙂  I am happy to say that tomorrow I will officially have a girl family member join me!  My niece Carolyn is coming down and we are going to give it a whirl!

I love to take a picture of the brothers.  I knew the second I took this that Mike’s mom would want a picture.  And she did. 🙂

We took the trail across the mountain behind them on some really rocky parts.  I am really shady on technical and wasn’t in the mood to crash, so I opted to walk it, while EVERY SINGLE one of them rode it.

This is what it looks like.  Can you see why I didn’t ride it?? I have to learn it by September for the local race because I know it’s costing me time!  We ended up cutting it a little bit short after riding the jeep road because of how hot it was!  I drank every drop of water I had with me!

We then went over to Mike’s parents house, which is always a favorite of Barney.  He starts barking out the car window while we drive over.  He gets so excited!

Here he is doing what he does….frisbee retrieving.  It’s like he is a retriever or something.

We ate some smoked ribs….and…the best…part….

….homemade ice cream!

Holidays are always so nice to have an excuse to eat and to meet together as family.  Can’t wait for the 4th of July!

12 Hours In The Old West

Well, we did it again.  Another 12 hour race in the books under the name “Lady Cluck and the Boys”.  We drove about two hours north of Las Cruces to the town of Ruidoso, New Mexico.  It’s a resort town with mountain bike trails, snowboarding, horseback riding, and casinos (makes me feel like home..hehe).   

We stayed at a cabin off the main street, down the street from an awesome Schlotzsky’s (which they don’t have in Las Cruces).  I had a turkey and avacado sandwich and a cup of Boston Clam Chowder.  We ordered some Cinnabon (YUM!) for our race day sugar rush we needed.

We had to hurry back to the cabin to prep all the bikes and to get some sleep!

I was so ready for bed!   P.S.  Yes, I wore a hoodie to bed because it was VERY cold in the cabin and it took a long time for the heater to kick in.

Safire has seen some good times and bad times on the race coarse.  The huge thing with her is that her shock has been acting up and getting really “squishy” (I just need to get a new one.) and so I have to pump it up the night before and right before the race.  Also, my big problem I have is seat height.  I tend to ride with my seat a little too low, so I adjusted the seat a little higher to see if anything improved.

This is a little bit out of order and it leaves no room for suspense, but can I tell you how tight our race was?? We raced four man co-ed and were planning on being the only team, until we found out that three other teams had signed up.  We are actually standing in order from left to right on how we went out on our laps.  Wayne was first and our fastest rider with 48-49 minute laps, Mike was second and he was hitting 53-56 minute laps, I was third with 1 hour laps, and Brent was fourth with 59 minute laps.  We followed that order until the final lap. 

Red Bull sponsored the race, so we had to represent by getting pictures with some Red Bull.  Energy drinks, Sportslegs, and some good old fashioned sugary foods are great fuel for an endurance race like this one.  I’ll be honest, after a while you get pretty sick of it, and all you want to do is drink water. 

The tradition shot of Mike and I riding by the Red Bull tent.  Our Christmas card last year was the picture of us riding under the Red Bull arch, so it is now tradition for us. 🙂

Mike was nice enough to walk up to the last part of the 11 mile loop and take a picture of me coming in on my lap.  This part is right after a little downhill, technical part through the trees and you start hearing the music from the parking lot and it gets you so pumped.  I was a lot faster on this part than last year, thanks to Cloudcroft, which prepared me for rocks and roots.

Once we hit the finish line, we would head back on the coarse to our parking spot and trade off there. It was really nice to have a spot right next to the trail.

I am super excited to finally get a first place in a 12 hour race.  This is my first one and I owe it all to the boys.  What happened was when it was time for my final lap, we were only four minutes ahead and the second place team was going to send out their fastest person (we may have eavesdropped a little…), so I told Wayne to go again and that sealed the deal.  I felt guilty about the whole situation, but after thinking about it, there are a lot of things that are involved with a 12 hour race and STRATEGY is one of them.  The last lap is the most crucial and if you are planning to place, you need to play your fastest rider.  I highly recommend this for any team in upcoming races.

Sizing Up The Competition

So we have a 12 hour race on Saturday in Ruidoso, New Mexico.  Mike is excited because he signed us up for a four man coed team.  The reason why he did it was that there is a greater chance to podium if you are on a coed team because there will hardly be any people signed up for it.  Most people want to race all boys or all girls.  We were hoping to be the only team.  As a matter of fact, we were the only ones that were signed up as of Saturday.
Well….they extended the deadline and guess what happened?  A group signed up.  Tonight I got a frantic phone call from Mike while he was out biking and he tells me to check out the group.  Usually when we race we will look up the roster and start measuring up the competition by Googling or looking on for people who have raced before.  My senses told me to look on Google first because the girl signed up was from Tucson, Arizona.  And this was the first link I got:
“Women of Giant: Cindy Lacotta”
Cindy Lacotta, Giant’s only female account executive, sets a precident for reaching out to new riders and growing the women’s cycling community in her Southwestern territory. Cindy, truly a jack-of-all-trades, has worked as a as an electrician for stage productions, usually running a spotlight (citing that she’s seen Cats waaaaay too many times), has a background working in bike shops, and as you’ll read in a few minutes, has even been part of an archeaological dig!
In case you don’t know, Giant is a maker of mountain bikes and road bikes.I have some work to do…