Green Chile Steak Salad


I love to order a steak salad at a restaurant.  Mainly because you still get the “meat” of your dinner, but you don’t feel too heavy afterwards.  I was surprised the first time I tried one that the two of them would even exist together.

I took a small steak fillet (uncooked) and took a meat mallet to it to make it as thin as possible.  I sliced the meat into thin strips and laid them out on my cutting board.  I took 1 piece of roasted green chile and placed it on top and rolled them together like a sleeping bag.  I was out of toothpicks to hold it together, so I put them in a baking pan and they seemed to stay still.

I then turned the oven to broil and placed them in the oven for 10-12 minutes until fully cooked.  I pre-made a caesar salad and added the steak at the end.  Good stuff.  It always taste really good after a workout.

All you need is: steak, green chiles, and caesar salad!

Chicken Lettuce Wraps


I miss PF Changs.  The closest one to me is about 45 miles from here and its a little bit out-of-the-way.  I went to the farmer’s market on Saturday and saw these huge heads of lettuce and they reminded me of the lettuce wraps I dearly love from there. 

Tonight I got a little hungry before watching the NBA Finals, and considering tomorrow is grocery day and we don’t have much in the fridge, I came across the lettuce and thought I would work with what I have and make some.

1 package of Tyson pre-cooked chicken (diced)

1 can of water chestnuts (diced)

1/2 container of mushrooms (diced)

 1 tbsp garlic salt

2 tbsp Trader Joe’s Soyaki Sauce

Dice and saute all the ingredients on medium heat for about 5 minutes.  Add a little juice from the water chestnuts to keep it moist.  Add more soyaki sauce if desired.

I made a sauce to pour on it to give it a little more flavor.  It included:

1/4 cup of sugar (dissolved in water)

1/2 cup of water

2 tbsp ketchup

2 tbsp soyaki sauce

1 tbsp mustard

1 tbsp tobasco (to give some kick)

It tasted great!  I would add a little more ketchup or chili sauce to the sauce for consistency, but the mushrooms and water chestnuts hold in so much favor!

Slow Cooked Turkey Legs


I was browsing the meat aisle of the grocery store and saw that Turkey Legs were on sale.  My first instinct was to BBQ them, since everything tastes so much better on the grill.  If I owned a deep fryer, that would be even better, but I don’t.  It’s been 100 degrees outside and not so pleasant to stand outside and barbecue, so I went to my back up plan.

When in doubt, use the crock pot.

I added a whole bottle (yes a whole bottle!) of barbecue sauce, and then to give it a little kick, about 3/4 cup of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I added about 1/4 cup of water and stirred it up.  I wished I would have put some onions or fresh garlic in to spice it up some more.  Place the turkey legs in.  Give it about five hours on low heat.

I was worried it was going to be dry, but the barbecue really holds in a lot of the juices.  When I put the leg on a plate, I took some more of the sauce and put it over the top.

Love how flaky it came out.  Crock pots rule.  For a girl who didn’t own one until about five years ago, I was missing out!

Question: I’m in desperate need of recipes with turkey. Do you have any suggestions?

Cabbage and Pulled Pork Pizza


I am a huge fan of the Lavash Bread from Trader Joe’s.  Ever since I was told about it, Mike and I have had so many different combinations of pizza.  Mike prefers the “supreme” with sausage, peppers, onions, and red sauce. I prefer more the Ragu Light Alfredo Sauce with spinach and chicken.

Since we are due to go on vacation soon, we really needed to clean out the fridge.  We had some leftover pulled pork and cabbage.  I decided to put both of them on a pizza and top it with my favorite cheese (Sargento’s 4 Cheese Mexican Reduced Fat).

I know it sounds strange, but it actually tastes really good! Add a little bit of garlic to the top and its pretty tasty!

A Special Gift

   I know my birthday is over, but I do want to share one last part of the extravaganza.  For the whole week now, I have noticed little things disheveled around the house that normally are not even touched.  Hall closet lights are left on.  Boxes moved.  The OCD in me notices things like that.

Finally, Mike had to ask me where my jersey was located that I won for the NMORS season last year.  I felt really bad because he was so close to finding it, but just didn’t look long enough.

Anyway, for a couple of days he would sit in our other bedroom with the door shut and I was under strict rules to not go in there.  I behaved myself and stayed away.  And here is what it was:

Who knew he could be so crafty? I guess he made friends with the people at Hobby Lobby and he is now a VIP or something there. 🙂  I love it!  We have a trophy room with all the posters of all of our races and I’m making room for it as we speak.

I had to show you the meal we had for my birthday just because I do like food and blogging about food.  My mom makes the best grilled chicken.  She grills it and then puts BBQ sauce and hot sauce together in a mug and adds it the last five minutes to give it a kick.  So in honor of her (because if I was in Vegas I would make her make this for me), I made her chicken with a side of Caesar and watermelon.  Isn’t summer awesome? I am so glad I have a summer birthday!

P.S. I loved this card from my mom:

Monday Catch Up!

I’m really trying to blog as much as I can on here, but with working full time and a lot of riding and errands this weekend, I got a little behind on what I wanted to do.  I started off this morning with some Overnight Oats that I got from the Peanut Butter Fingers.  She usually adds banana or strawberries to it and it really makes a difference.  I really love strawberries, and I used honey strawberry greek yogurt to flavor it a little more.  I like snacking on it too.
Tonight for dinner, I made some chicken with some Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki marinade on it.  We are pairing it with some brown rice.  Mike and I used to eat salmon and brown rice ALL THE TIME when we first got married, so it brought back memories busting out the Uncle Ben’s brown rice again.
I wasn’t able to get a ride workout in tonight since I got home from work too late, so it will be a one mile run around the neighborhood with Barney and then some of this: