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Hi! I'm Liz and I am a 38 year old teacher from Las Cruces, New Mexico. I'm also a fan of mountain biking, road biking, running, and traveling. I'm always up to try something new! This blog is for me to share ideas and also to receive new ideas!

Baby #2: Week 24!


How far along: 24 Weeks

Maternity clothes: Being stuck in some semi-winter weather is nice so I can wear cute maternity sweaters.  Target and Kohl’s are my “go to ” stores to find things to wear. Thankfully I am out of town so I can get away with wearing the same clothes all of the time!
Stretch marks: No.
Sleep:  I forgot how much I like to sleep on my stomach.  I have found by having three pillows has helped me sleep better, so it’s improved this week.
Best moment this week: Feeling him kick a lot harder.  Olivia was leaning on my belly and he kept kicking her. Already having the sibling rivalry!
Miss anything: Being in shape.  It’s going to be a long process to get back to what I used to be (even before Olivia), but I have some major motivation coming up with a husband in remission and some planned mountain bike and running races.    
Morning sickness: I’ve been a little nauseous this week.  I honestly think it’s because I am always just grabbing quick things and need to slow down a little bit.
Movement: Like I said, he is definitely kicking a lot harder.  I love it. 
Food cravings:  Sweets. I go in for another glucose test this week so if it is positive, I am in really big trouble.
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smelly cab I took today.  Definitely sitting in a car for a long period of time.  I have been getting car sick so bad!
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  It made me feel better to hear stories from my friends this week about how rude people were to them about their pregnancy size. I have been hearing comments and gasps all week as I walk around and it gets to me at times.  I know it will get to the “I don’t care” stage eventually.
Gender prediction: Boy.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Still flat and weird.
Wedding rings on or off: Off.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Sleepy. Is that an option?  I don’t think Olivia helps!
Looking forward to:  Being home soon.  It will be good to get everything back to normal.  Can’t wait for Mike to get back home and we can have some down time before little boy arrives!

Baby #2 : 22 Weeks!


-How far along: 22 Weeks

Maternity clothes: Hoodies, yoga pants, loose shirts, big jackets, workout pants, and really long shirts.  Yep, that is my wardrobe!
Stretch marks: No.
Sleep: A little better this week.  Olivia is starting to get used to sleeping in the play pen again.  I’ve been getting leg cramps at night so it kept me up for a few days.
Best moment this week: Getting some of Mike’s medical work done and realizing we are getting the ball rolling so he can be home safe and sound when the baby is born.  I also am so appreciative of all the friends and family surrounding us right now trying to make our life as normal as possible.
Miss anything: Sushi.  I want to eat every kind of sushi possible, especially since there are so many awesome restaurants that serve it here.    
Morning sickness: None. Just waking up starving!
Movement: He likes to kick in the evening and when I am sleeping.  He is definitely a night owl like his dad.  
Food cravings:  I seriously feel like I eat all of the time.  No wonder I am huge.  I am definitely hungrier this pregnancy. I crave all sorts of things like fruit and chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: I haven’t felt queasy or sick this week at all.
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  Still huge as ever.
Gender prediction: Boy.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Still flat and weird.
Wedding rings on or off: Off. So glad I left them at home.  Just one less thing to worry about losing.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happier this week.  I think because we have been chilling a lot and just having a lot of family time. I really want to work out more and I know that will make me happier.
Looking forward to:  Going Easter shopping this weekend and hanging out and having family time.

23 Months!


Stats: I have no clue. She has one more month until her next appointment.  I swear she hasn’t gained any weight because she runs around like a complete psycho.


Favorites: Stickers.  She loves to put them on everything, including herself.  She loves to go outside and especially likes slides.  She loves to eat chocolate and sneaks it when I hide it somewhere.  It is all about “da-da” right now.  She always asks about him when he is gone.  She loves birds and dogs and is always looking for them when we drive around or go on walks.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Anyone who is willing to babysit! I especially am extra grateful knowing that adding another one to the mix is just going to make me more exhausted.  This girl has a ton of energy and its only going to get worse!  I found a lot of counting games on my IPAD and those are great to use in waiting rooms and train rides.  She loves to color, so it gives me a little break when I need to do something.


Dislikes: Eating in general.  I was so happy when she wasn’t picky, but now she feels like play is more important than food.  While we are here in Chicago, I have to latch her into her stroller to make her eat.  Otherwise, she would run around and not eat.  Toddlers sure know how to change things up!  I just asked Mike what he thinks she dislikes right now and he said “sleeping in”.  She definitely does not let us sleep in.  Also, when we tell her no, she gets soooo upset and closes her eyes.


Facts: She loves the ABC’s and is learning the letters (not in order).  She knows random letters like C, X and O.  She also likes to count and can point out numbers like 6, 7, 8, and 9.


Sleep Habits: She was doing so awesome at home.  I really just had to lay her in bed and wait a few minutes and she would be out cold.  I am guessing because of change in environment and the fact that we are in a cool hotel, she thinks she has to wake up at the crack of dawn.  She naps for three hours a day though really well.


Doctors Visits:  None so far.  I’m sure as I type this, she will get some kind of sickness from going to all of these museums and public places.


Eating Habits: Like I said, she is more into play than eating.  I can get her to eat the Target brand squeeze pouches and crackers. For meals, I usually hide vegetables in a smoothie or squeeze form.  She does like to eat cucumbers and likes a good mac and cheese. She also loves chicken nuggets a lot. She is definitely a choc-o-holic like her mom.


Milestones: She is learning SO much.  She is catching on to ABCs and numbers, which is really cool.  I have yet to get her to learn her colors, but I know it will be really soon. She is repeating words I say.  She says “I’m gonna get you!” and “Hi dada” and “Hi mama” and definitely can communicate mostly in two to three word sentences.  It’s cool to see how excited she is to learn and is taking everything in.  She knows her animals and animal sounds really well and most of her basic body parts.  It’s nice that I can ask her to get things, because I will be using her when the baby is born!


Looking Forward To: Her 2nd birthday!  That means we are back and home, and better yet, Mike is back home!

Baby #2: 21 Weeks!


How far along: 21 Weeks

Maternity clothes: Since being in Chicago this week, I feel like all I wear are big hoodies and gym clothes.  They are baggy on me, so often I even forget that I am pregnant, until I bend over to grab something or someone asks me about the baby.  I wish I was more stylish, but I feel like now is not the time to turn over that new leaf..haha.
Stretch marks: No.I didn’t get them with Olivia, but wonder if I will with him.
Sleep: So So.. I’ve always been a bad sleeper since I became a mom.  I’m hoping to get more naps in this week while Mike is sleeping away from this chemo treatment.  It’s weird to see my husband sleep more than I am!
Best moment this week: Flying to Chicago and exploring the city.  Going to the Chicago Children’s Museum and The “Bean”. This little guy will see all of these pictures and know he was in my belly. Hopefully one day I can bring him back and have some fun with him here.
Miss anything: Stylish clothes.  I think it is on the brain, because my hotel was a half a mile from the Magnificent Mile, where there were so many cute clothing stores.  I admit I was coveting when I shouldn’t have been.  
Morning sickness: None. Both pregnancies. I have been very lucky!
Movement: His fluttering is a lot harder this week, which means he is getting a lot stronger! I love it, because he lets me know he is there and hanging out and I don’t have to worry about him.
Food cravings: I swear I am hungry all of the time.  I want sweets now more than ever…especially ice cream and candy.  I really like to eat eggs and toast too.  I hated eggs when I was pregnant with Olivia.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not getting enough sleep.  I get really emotional and crazy too when I haven’t had a nap or it’s been a strenuous day!
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  Still huge as ever.
Gender prediction: Boy.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Still flat and weird.
Wedding rings on or off: Off. I left them in Las Cruces, so I wouldn’t lose them.  I always do that on trips for some reason. I’m notorious for losing things on trips (including this week, when I lost my drivers license on the streets of Chicago and now have to walk around with a temporary one until my mom can mail me my new one).
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody.  Mike says I have gotten meaner (not to him, just mean in general about things).  I’ve noticed I’ve turned really grumpy too and it drives me nuts. I even dream about being mad.  It’s super crazy.
Looking forward to:  Hanging out in Aurora this week and visiting the Science and Industry Museum on Saturday.

Baby #2 : 20 Weeks!


How far along: 20 Weeks

Maternity clothes: I really like having a pair of black pants and a pair of maternity jeans to fall back on.  Otherwise I have been buying workout clothes a size bigger and pretty much wear those all the time.  Maxi skirts are awesome too.
Stretch marks: No. I have a feeling I am getting them this time though.
Sleep: Not too good this week.  I don’t blame him though.  Just as I write this I am up at the crack of dawn because I can’t shut off my brain! Chicago is looming…
Best moment this week: Feeling him flutter.  I am definitely starting to feel him a little bit more.  Also, getting super cute clothes from my mom and sister.  It’s fun to see boy clothes around the house.
Miss anything: Running (I feel so large and awkward when I run that I stopped running…I am kind of regretting it), mountain biking (it was such a beautiful day out yesterday), and feeling self-confident (for some reason being bigger this time has made me super self-conscious).
Morning sickness: None. I have been very lucky.
Movement: Just little fluttering…
Food cravings: Still eating my apple a day.  I’ve had to fight my sweet tooth with this one…chocolate is my weakness this time around.  Also, I get SO HUNGRY in the evening when I am trying not to eat.  I feel like I am starving and I know I am not!
Anything making you queasy or sick: The smell of most vegetables and pasta.  Chicken has always smelled funky to me, especially leftover chicken. Heartburn is creeping up on me too at the weirdest times!
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  Too much.
Gender prediction: Boy.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Flat and weird.
Wedding rings on or off: Off, but like I said, I hardly wear jewelry in general, except when I am going out on the town.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody.  I have been so easily offended all week.  I’ve had a few good cries where I am so angry at people for the stupidest reasons.  I forgot how everything seems so much more dramatic than it should (it doesn’t help when people trigger it). I remember last time I would get so mad when people would make comments on how big I am and when I look back I see how dumb I was…hello, you are pregnant.  This time I am really touchy about people saying things about me in general.  So crazy.
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor this week for one last visit before I head off to Chicago!  I look forward to Mike getting this treatment done!

Baby #2: 19 Weeks!


ultrasound1 001

I will spare you the belly pics and show you the ultrasound from this week!

How far along: 19 Weeks

Maternity clothes: The same as last week.  I am all stomach. I love loose shirts and gym clothes a lot.
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: Much better this week.  I sleep really hard about the first three hours..  Then I wake up and have about three hours of insomnia and then back to sleep until Olivia wakes me up (which is at the crack of dawn..thank you time change coming up!)
Best moment this week: Seeing little guy in the ultrasound.  He was being pretty shy and then showed dad that he was a boy about half way through.  He had cute feet.  They look pretty big!
ultrasound2 001
Miss anything: Running fast, group fitness classes (which I can still do, I just need to get my butt in gear), sleeping on my back (I keep getting the worst back aches from sleeping on my side!)…
Morning sickness: None. I have been very lucky.
Movement: A little fluttering still, but nothing big. He is still the size of a really large mango which is still a wee thing!
Food cravings: Apples. I eat them every day!  I have been craving chinese food too.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Olivia’s toddler meals I make for dinner, any pasta like spaghetti or mac and cheese, the smell of squash or broccoli…
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  Too much!
Gender prediction: Boy.  The pictures will prove it too!
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: Flat and weird.
Wedding rings on or off: Off…but even when I wasn’t pregnant I had the problem of forgetting it when I went to work out or bike.
Happy or Moody most of the time: A little of both this week…it’s definitely been an improvement.  I am very anxious about little boy being healthy!
Looking forward to: Watching him get bigger and develop more.  he still was so small in his ultrasound and I wish I could have seen more detail!

Baby #2: 18 Weeks!


How far along: 18 weeks

Maternity clothes: I am a lot bigger this time (due to being out of shape), so I slipped into a few bottoms a couple of weeks ago.  I still wear a lot of normal t-shirts of mine.  I wear a lot of hoodies and cardigans right now, which is nice that I am not working! It’s all about comfort!
Stretch marks: No
Sleep: I’ve been so tired! I feel more tired now than my first trimester, but I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Mike is going through treatment and we are trying to sell the house.  I get a pretty good nights sleep once or twice a week at least!
Best moment this week: Finally getting organized and getting to blogging about our little man.  I feel bad that it took me this long to do this! He deserves some attention too! I felt him “flutter” a little when I was holding still yesterday.
Miss anything: My body, mountain biking (even though I did go on a ride this week), and wearing my normal jeans. There are two girls due the same day as me that I know and they are still wearing normal clothes…haha.
Morning sickness:  None. Lucky me. Neither of the beasts gave me morning sickness.  I just had a little bit of nausea in the first trimester.
Movement: A little fluttering if I hold really still, but nothing yet.
Food cravings: I really want BBQ all the time and breakfast items like waffles or pancakes.  I just took my glucose test this week and I am almost positive I have gestational again, so I will be on a strict diet after this week! Plus, I need to only gain 15-20 pounds this pregnancy.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Some veggies.  I make myself eat them, but for some reason the smell of zucchini or squash makes me sick.
Have you started to show yet: Yes.  I look like I am 25 weeks.
Gender prediction: Boy.  We took a DNA test at ten weeks and they told us over the phone.  We have an anatomy scan next week to confirm.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In, but it’s really funky looking this time.  It’s flat.
Wedding rings on or off: Off…I never really wear it because my hands are always grimy! Poor Mike. I promise to wear it after the baby!
Happy or Moody most of the time: I am a basket case! Like I said, I think a lot is what is going on around me, but everything is super emotional…commercials, Olivia, Mike, Barney…they all set me off!
Looking forward to: The anatomy scan…even though it makes me VERY NERVOUS! Fingers crossed!

21 and 22 Months!



I got a little behind because of the chaos of my life…so here are the last two months!

Stats: I’m thinking she is around 25 pounds. She hardly eats…so it could be less. (Dang kid..  She is a busy thing!) She is tall and is borderline 6-7 in shoes…which is big! Poor girl!

Favorites: Paw Patrol…I bought her a shirt and some pajamas and she is extremely proud of them.  She always talks about them and chants “Go! Go! Go!”.  She loves to slide and has accomplished her little slide with no help finally!  She can go up the stairs at the park and goes down by herself too.  She loves bikes and bike races.  She wants to touch the bike wheels all the time and makes bike noises when she sees our bikes in the garage. She loves junk food (thanks to all the people who spoil her)…hence the reason why I am having a hard time getting her to eat her veggies! She still loves to carry her Monks around, even though I cut the pacifier off the original Monks…I like that she is sentimental.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Taking her to toddler classes and outings are definitely lifesavers.  She is always asking to go “Bye Bye”, especially in the morning.  She loves story time and we started to go to classes at the science museum and gym.  She loves to play in her toy room by herself and I enjoy doing arts and crafts with her at home. She loves to color, which takes up some time too.


Dislikes: She hates nursery at church. She cries and cries at the door when I leave. She does love the last part of class where they have singing time and will dance along.  She hates being told no and has been throwing tantrums when that happens…a lot! The other day I wouldn’t put more toothpaste on her toothbrush so she spun around on the floor screaming and then starting to pound her head on the wall.  Oh, the terrible twos!


Facts: She is fascinated with the ABC song and Wheels on the Bus. She loves to point out ABC’s everywhere.  She knows the numbers 6, 8 and 2 for some reason.  She loves to play with dad and watch nursery rhymes with him or throw the ball.  We all like to walk down to the park in our neighborhood and go sliding.  She loves play dates with other kids and is starting to warm up to socializing. She loves to read about animals and loves nursery rhyme books too.

Sleep Habits: She is actually doing MUCH better now that we have been at home (just wait til we go to Chicago!). She doesn’t like to co-sleep anymore at all, which is nice, and sleeps all night in her crib.  I might have to get up once or twice a week in the middle of the night to talk to her, but she goes back to sleep.  The only problem now is that she wants to wake up at 6am on the dot, so I have been trying to get her to go to bed earlier. Weird kid.


Doctors Visits:  Knock on wood. None. Last month made up for it with the ER and quick care!

Eating Habits: It’s sad, but she isn’t as much of a good eater now. She grazes a lot during the day on goldfish, apples, grapes, and other things like that. I want her to eat more, but she gets so distracted by everything!  She eats more at lunch than she does at breakfast and dinner.  She has to be in a room with no tv or music to distract and definitely wants us to eat with her.  She loves graham crackers and yogurt.


Milestones: She jibber-jabbers a lot. I find her sitting in her toy room a lot talking to herself.  She says a lot of one word to two-word sentences and like I said, loves the ABCs. She loves to run everywhere.  I definitely see a runner in the future.  She has the cutest little bouncy run too.  She loves to swing and slide and play with her toy cars.  She loves to make animal sounds a lot too.  Climbing is a new thing. She is always climbing up on the furniture. Fortunately, she has a pretty good fear of heights, so going down the stairs and jumping off things aren’t in the cards yet.  She loves to sing in the car and does hand signals to a lot of songs too.


Looking Forward To: This month is going to be crazy in Chicago, but I look forward to taking her to the Children’s Museum and Aquarium and watching her have fun in new places!


20 Months!


Stats: 23.5 pounds (I know this because she has been to the doctor TWICE in the last week!)

Favorites: It’s funny how her tastes are changing a little bit.  Bubble Guppies have now been replaced by Paw Patrol and now she is all about her slide rather than her Klip Klops.  Don’t get me wrong, she still plays with them, but it seems that she likes to switch it up a little more! She is definitely all about the swings and slides right now.  She loves to go outside and asks to go out every day.  She loves stickers! I have found them all over the house.  She likes to put them on Mike’s arms and legs.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her Christmas presents are definitely lifesavers and have helped to keep her entertained.  She got a new chair, a car ramp, a slide, some church books, Wiggles DVD’s….she will be a busy thing!

Dislikes: After being sick for a few weeks, she is really not liking being around people right now.  She got so clingy! She is getting a little better, but it is so frustrating!  She hates ear drops and taking medicine.  She spit her medicine out at the nurse in the ER!

Facts: I say this a lot lately, but she is definitely talking and communicating a lot more.  She tells me when she is done with her food.  She asks for things with one or two word sentences.  She has a lot of new words to her vocabulary and loves to make animal sounds.  We will ask her “what does a chicken say?” or “what does a cow say?” and she will answer. She knows at least 8-10 animal sounds.  My favorite is when I ask her “what does a slide say?” and she goes “Weeeeeee!”.


Sleep Habits:Well. I had her trained.  Then going on a vacation and getting sick happened.  We are currently working on the sleeping through the night thing.  I usually just have to go in and say “Lay down” and she will plop down and stop crying.  She’s just checking so see if I am there.

Doctors Visits:  Sooooo many this month.  Quick care and ER.  I will never brag about her not being sick anymore. I feel like I jinxed myself.  She started of with an upper respiratory, then a stomach bug, then an ear infection.  Winter stinks!


Eating Habits: She is still a a pretty good eater. She loves herself some graham crackers and milk.  Her dad taught her to dunk the crackers so she is definitely all about the dunking. She loves chicken and baked beans.  She has been eating a lot of soup lately too.

Milestones: More talking. More communicating.  She finally started saying “Barney” which is “Narney”.  She wants to brush her teeth ALL the time!  She is obsessed with toothpaste and carries it around all the time.  She uses the spoon and fork like champ now. She helps me put toys in and out of the bath. She wipes her face and hands after each meal and cleans her own high chair.  It’s nice to start her on doing chores.

Looking Forward To: Going to Chicago with her and hearing new words out of her mouth!

18 Months!


Stats: 23 pounds and 32 inches (50th percentile); 75th percentile for head.

Favorites: She loves cars/bikes (anything with wheels) and still continues to make car noises constantly. Even when she is mad, instead of crying or yelling, she will make a high squealed car noise to let us know she is upset.  I’ve been buying her hot wheels and she loves to park them in a row. She loves STARS.  Anytime it is night-time she will point to the sky and say “Star” (future astronomer perhaps?). She loves to stack and line up things in a row. She loves to stand on her books and is really getting into climbing this month. She loves to make woofing sounds when she sees a dog or cat.  She loves animals.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Of course, Bubble Guppies are a lifesaver.  Her toys keep her pretty busy.  She is beginning to like puzzles and likes to paint with water.  She is a great eater, which is awesome for us.  Going to nursery at church is awesome for us.  And Monks will always be on the list of the lifesavers.

Dislikes: Being left in nursery, having her face wiped, not being able to climb up on the couch, being left alone at all, sleeping through the night (still..)…

Facts: It was crazy to see her change to a “kid” this last month. More words starting coming out of her mouth like “again” “stairs” “slide” “swing” “boo-boo” “night-night, dada” “apple” “please” “cheese” “pumpkin” and the usual mom and dad and many more.  She is starting to go down the slide by herself and is sitting in chairs better.  She is still very hyper in her toddler classes, but loves to do the finger plays and songs (not really liking the books being read to her). She likes to talk on the phone and says bye-bye every time I hang up the phone with someone. She is good at going down a single step, which used to make me nervous.  She is a great road tripper.


Sleep Habits:I feel like this will always be the issue we have.  At least she goes to bed at 8 and doesn’t start freaking out til midnight or even two in the morning.  When I finally get her back to sleep, she gets up at 7.

Doctors Visits:  Just had it and nothing to report. The doctor said that there is no sign of the fracture she had from birth.  Crazy that now it goes to just going to the doctor every year now.  She is so grown up!


Eating Habits: She loves her milk! She’s been really into dunking her graham crackers in milk.  She is pretty good with the spoon and fork too.  She loves mexican food and tried out some new things this month like mushrooms and cucumbers and didn’t seem to mind.  She doesn’t like the same food over and over again for meals.  She wants variety, which I find funny.

Milestones: More talking, more understanding, the climbing increased this month, and she is more coordinated with running.  She is really good at cleaning up when I ask her to clean up her toys.  She also is getting good at puzzles if I point to where the piece goes.  I can ask her to go get things and she will bring them to me from the other room.  She wants to mimic everything I do when it comes to housework and laundry.  My little helper! SHE STARTED NURSERY AT CHURCH! She cried, but she lasted the whole time.  I had to go in during snack time and help out, but after they went outside for play time, I knew she would be okay (she LOVES the outdoors).

Looking Forward To: Thanksgiving and Christmas and teaching her words like “Santa Claus” and “Christmas tree”. Also, teaching her how to draw and color more…