Making A List of Recipes

 My sister came into town this weekend and showed me her awesome Pinterest board with all these recipes that I want to try!  I need to get on there and just go crazy!

I am on a countdown and only have three weeks until I have to go back to work so I feel like I have to hurry and learn some more healthy ways to cook so that when things start to go crazy, then it’s already instilled in me.

So Albertson’s has a deal for $5.99 a pound crab legs.  Just in case you want to know.  Crab legs for dinner is a real treat.  Take advantage of any deals right now!

Since I am on the 7 Day Carb Cycle diet (which I have lost three pounds already!), I have been working on the High Carb days to eat things that are sugar-free.  I went on  and typed in the “Sugar Free Banana Bread” and it tasted great.

Here is the recipe courtesy of

Here is the link:,164,149191-253198,00.html.



Grilled Onion and Pulled Pork Sandwiches


The day before yesterday I threw some pork and beef broth in my crock pot again.  It’s such an easy recipe that I find myself making it every couple of weeks!  This time I threw about six or seven whole roasted green chiles into the mix and it broke up in the crock pot perfectly. When I went to put the pork in a Tupperware, both the chiles and the pork broke up perfectly.

Last night we got home a little late for our bike ride, so I wanted to make something quick.  I heated up the pork and added bbq sauce to it.  I grilled onions in a pan of garlic olive oil and waited until they were caramelized.  I put the onions inside a hot dog bun and then added the pork.  It was good stuff!

I thought I was going to have a replay of the night before when it came to the storms we keep getting during my riding time.  This was the direction on the trail I wanted to head last night.

Thankfully, the weather did opposite.  This is what the trail looked like by the time I finished!

How awesome is that??


7 Day Carb Cycle

 I really love the show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  It is so inspiring to see the people who are extremely overweight turn their lives around to make things healthier.  I think Chris Powell is an excellent trainer and would love to have a job like that one day (after I get my health regimen in order).

I was searching on Amazon for nutrition books and found “The 7 Day Carb Cycle” by Chris Powell.  I immediately downloaded and started reading it to give it a try.  I only have about four more weeks until I am back at work, so I thought I would try it out and get into a healthy routine before then.


Yesterday was a Low Carb day and the process goes like this:

Sunday:  Rest

Monday: Low Carb

Tuesday: High Carb

Wednesday: Low Carb

Thursday: High Carb

Friday: Low Carb

Saturday: High Carb

A high carb day doesn’t mean you eat as many cookies as possible.  It’s more healthy carbs alongside protein.  Fruits are a really good idea for those days.  On the low carb day, it is mainly protein and veggies the whole day.  After our 4th of July, I was going through withdrawal on sugar yesterday. 

Most people on the reviews said that they lost two pounds the first week.  It received four out of five stars on Amazon, so I figure I’ll be a guinea pig and try it out.  I’ll keep you posted!

It helps if you cut up your veggies and fruits and leave them accessible in the fridge. 

Barney is moping around the house today because of all the rain.  Any time we attempt to walk outside, he gets so excited.  I can understand since I get a little ancy too when it comes to rainy days.  I was a little disappointed yesterday on my attempt to road ride and this beauty of a storm paid a visit.

P.S.  Lists are so awesome.  Then you don’t have to try to remember everything.  When I spoke in church on Sunday, I was talking about how I write lists all the time.  A lot of girls came up to me afterwards talking about their lists and their husbands told me that their wives are obsessed with them.  Ha ha. Must be a girl thing.

Question: Are you a list person?  If so, what are some ideas on where to keep your lists?

Green Chile Steak Salad


I love to order a steak salad at a restaurant.  Mainly because you still get the “meat” of your dinner, but you don’t feel too heavy afterwards.  I was surprised the first time I tried one that the two of them would even exist together.

I took a small steak fillet (uncooked) and took a meat mallet to it to make it as thin as possible.  I sliced the meat into thin strips and laid them out on my cutting board.  I took 1 piece of roasted green chile and placed it on top and rolled them together like a sleeping bag.  I was out of toothpicks to hold it together, so I put them in a baking pan and they seemed to stay still.

I then turned the oven to broil and placed them in the oven for 10-12 minutes until fully cooked.  I pre-made a caesar salad and added the steak at the end.  Good stuff.  It always taste really good after a workout.

All you need is: steak, green chiles, and caesar salad!

Family In Town

Mike is one of ten kids in his family.  His mom and dad just celebrated their 50th anniversary, so all the kids have come down for a reunion.  That means LOTS of family in town and not a lot of time at home. 

My dad and stepmom came into town too to join in on te awesome festivities.  We already partook of a 9:30pm screening of “The Amazing Spiderman” the day before it came out (thank you to friends who own the theatres in town) and now we are off for some White Sands fun tonight. I can’t wait to post pictures of Barney’s first time there.

My dad really likes Cracker Barrel so we had to go for nostalgic reasons.  Remember this game?   You jump the pegs to see how many you have left over.  I am terrible at it!

Barney has been excited to have more attention because of all the people.  Before that, Frog was his only companion.

Riley is Barney’s cousin.  He likes to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos and becomes glued to the screen if it’s on.

Mike and I have been trying to continue with our biking workouts.  We’ve been very lucky to get them in between the schedule and heat.  Mike prepared for a time trial he did and did very well in it.

I’ve been running a lot more thanks to all the 5k’s and half marathons coming up.  It’s been tempting to do a whole marathon so I am hoping to get conditioned one day for that.

I have found an awesome reduced fat meal at Trader’s Joes.  Go get it!

So good!

Question:  Any favorite things that you like to get at Trader Joe’s?  Do you have any meals you like to get that are good for you?


Goodbyes, Bikes, and Sinks…

 I have always been terrible with goodbyes.  I had a roommate for a week about ten years ago, and she decided to move back to Texas.  I barely knew the girl and the day she left, I bawled my eyes out.  I am extremely worse with animals.

This is my class red eared slider (who has had so many names I can’t even remember its name) and she came home with me this summer along with four other animals.  She is the messiest eater and the dirtiest reptile I have had to take care of.  When you walk in the room, she gets really excited and swims to the side of the cage and goes crazy.  The problem is, I would have to change her 20 gallon tank once a week.  After going through three filters, I couldn’t do it anymore. Long story short, I found a sanctuary for her.  When I took her, I was really sad.  I stood there for 15 minutes watching her swim around.  Thankfully, I held my composure, but I hate to say it, I cried a little in the car on the way home.

I am such a softie for animals.  This is why I could never work at a vet or zoo.  I would take ALL of the animals home with me.

Meanwhile, I dusted off the mountain bike and took it out for a Tuesday night ride.  I’ve been preparing myself mentally for a time trial in a few weeks, so I’ve been dissing Safire (the name of my mountain bike).  It was so fun and beautiful out!  I’m starting to feel better after the terrible 12 pound weight gain my job created for me this year. 

There was a beeeaautiful sunset that night.  Only in New Mexico.

Last situation of the week, my kitchen sink.  In the last year, our microwave, garbage disposal, and dishwasher have died on us.  I woke up yesterday and turned on the kitchen sink and got sprayed in the face like in the cartoons when they are playing practical jokes on each other.  No, the joke was that the sink was next to go.

So here is what my kitchen looks like now. I never realized how much I use a kitchen sink until we’ve been without one!

I love how Barney has to be part of things.

P.S. Leftover pulled pork with mushrooms on a mini tortilla pizza.  Good stuff.  Trader Joe’s Roasted Garlic Marinara Sauce makes an excellent pizza sauce!

Question: Have you ever had to say goodbye to a pet?  How did you handle it?

We Meet At Last!


Barney has this routine every Sunday when we drive over to Mike’s parents house.  He will be perfectly normal until we hit the dirt road that turns off to their house.  Then he starts yelping like a hyena.  Near the road, there is a farm house with a dog that runs up and down the fence.  For some reason Barney gets extra loud and irritated at the dog.  Mike named the dog “Red” and every time we get near, Mike will say “You’re going down Red!” and Barney starts acting up, as if he knows the dog’s name is Red too.

Red and Barney have never formally met, occasionally passing by each other.  While playing in the irrigation ditch, Red made an appearance.  And they met face to face.

It was a lot less dramatic as I thought it would be.  Red growled, but Barney didn’t find it as entertaining to bark at him when he wasn’t in a car driving by.

Anyway, I have two products that I’ve tried that are really good!  I highly recommend them.  One is the Jamba Juice smoothie mix in the frozen food section.  We don’t have them here and I miss drinking them while walking around BYU campus.  Add some juice and you got some awesomeness.

I like to drink it for breakfast, but it would be good for a summertime treat too.

Another product is the Alternative Bagels.  The are low-calorie, whole wheat, and have a lot of fiber!! I usually just warm it up briefly in the microwave instead of toasting it and it tastes like a pretzel.  Good stuff!

You can find them in the refrigerated section at Walmart or Albertsons.  Off to work!