16 Months!


Stats: Around 21-22 pounds and 30 inches.  For the amount of food she eats, she still hasn’t gained weight since her twelve month check up.  The running around is burning it off!

Favorites: She loves her books!  She really likes this nursery rhyme book of hers that has all sorts of pictures.  She loves to pull her wagon around the house and use her shopping cart to carry things.  She still LOVES her Bubble Guppies! She also loves being outside and is so well behaved when we are outdoors.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Being able to watch Bubble Guppies on our road trips has been awesome.  She is a great traveler and likes to play with cars in her car seat too.  I love her library toddler classes she has been going to and our little park groups. It helps me to be around other moms and get some insight on the parent world.

Dislikes: Being told no.  She curls her lips and screams and then tries it again.  She doesn’t like the baby gates either and throws a fit when we go on the other side of it.  Also, sleeping through the night.  She is still fighting it.  At least she goes back to sleep, but she still wakes up a few times.

Facts: She is a human tornado.  I was absolutely EXHAUSTED last week for having to chase her around.  I finally gave up and packed up all of our mountain bike and triathlon trophies until she is older because she keeps taking things off our shelves. She is fond of baths again because she can play more with toys and likes the water (she hated them for a while).  She loves to climb on things and go up stairs and try to go down the slide on her own at the playground.  She loves to sing and talk a lot.  I still can’t make out some of her jabbering, but she is trying!


Sleep Habits: About two nights a week she will sleep through the night.  The rest of the time consists of waking a few times and I just sit there on my IPAD until she goes back to sleep.  She goes to bed around 8 and gets up about 7.  It’s getting a little better. Baby steps.

Doctors Visits:  None this month.  Thank goodness.


Eating Habits: She loves her milk! She squeals “NOM” every time I pull it out and yells it out when we see milk at the grocery store.  She likes bananas, pancakes, mandarin oranges, chicken, turkey, strawberries, tortillas, spaghetti, mixed vegetables…she ate a whole taco all by herself (cut up of course).  She loves food and especially likes to steal food from her dad.

Milestones: More talking! She started saying STAR, FLOWER, BUBBLE GUPPY, BIRD and some other oldies.  She loves to sing in the back seat while we are driving.  She loves to pretend to cook at her oven and goes to the fridge and wants ice to put in her pots and pans.  She started climbing up on more things, which means she is getting braver.

Looking Forward To: Teaching her all the preschool things like colors and numbers.  I hear at 18 months they start talking a lot.  That will be fun!


15 Months!


Stats: 21 pounds and 30 inches.  Her percentile for her head went from 90 to 75 percent. Hehe.  She hasn’t gained anything from her 12 month appointment, but the doctor said that is typical for a toddler who is now running around like a psycho…and she is.

Favorites: Monks…I’ve been trying to ween her off him and only give him to her for emergencies and sleeping.  We are working on having her quit him slowly.  She LOVES anything with wheels.  She likes to push the stroller around in nursery and plays with cars a lot.  She loves to play with dad.  They had a lot of bonding on our beach trip and now she prefers him more than me when it comes to play time!


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is pretty good playing on her own has been awesome.  I also love our little classes we go to..they keep her busy and entertained.

Dislikes:  Today we found out it was the doctor…she put up a good fight.  Also, she hates people dressed up as characters…but do you blame her??

Facts: She LOVES the ocean! She would have walked right in and had no fear of the waves at all.  She loved building sand castles with dad and grandpa.  Her new thing this week is to walk in the room and go “Heeeeyyyyy!”.  She was cheering the Tour De France. We would ask her where the bikes were and she would point to the TV.  She is really good at pointing at things in books if we ask her where pictures are.  80 percent of the time she is right! She knows things like apples, bananas, ball, bubbles, dog, kitty, etc.  It’s pretty fun to see her learn!


Sleep Habits:  It’s always one good nights sleep followed by a crappy night’s sleep.  I’ll take it.  She has more good nights than bad so it’s getting better.

Doctors Visits:  Well…she hated everything about her appointment, but she survived.  The doctor told me he sees this a lot in 15 and 18 month old kids because they are starting to remember the doctor’s office.


Eating Habits: She loves her milk. She drinks 3 glasses a day (which is what the doctor says she needs) and then loves her water too! She eats bananas in the morning along with eggs or pancakes.  She loves spaghetti, peas, carrots, egg rolls, and mac and cheese.  She is a pretty good eater. She especially likes to eat anything Mike eats.

Milestones: More talking! Her vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger!

Looking Forward To: Teaching her colors and numbers.  I need help with this early childhood stuff.  I only know middle school teaching stuff! 🙂



Easter 2014

It was Olivia’s first Easter this year since she decided to take her sweet time getting here last year. 🙂  I was super excited for her to go through all the celebrations.  Really though, when a kid is one year old, it is more for the parents than it is for the kid.


We had an Easter BBQ over at the Stewart’s house with a whole bunch of friends and family.  I love it when Olivia is around other kids, even if they are older than her.


The Stewart’s were so awesome to have Easter eggs and the kids went on an Easter egg hunt.


I made Mike go with Olivia since I usually make him search for eggs in our house too.  The poor guy.


Then on Easter morning Olivia put on her pretty Easter dress from Aunt Debbie and we went to church.  It was really funny because she wasn’t walking yet so she hated how long the dress was on her knees and did this weird “spider crawl” across the room.


The Easter loot! I WILL dye Easter eggs next year.  I always forget to do that!


Overall, it was a fun Easter to have the family around and to make memories!

14 Months!


Stats: I haven’t been to the doctor yet but when I stand on the scale with her she is about 21-22 pounds.  She has gotten so tall! Stay tuned next week for her real stats!

Favorites: PLAY!  She is always playing with toys.  Now that she is walking, it is all about the shopping cart and dragging it around the house.  She doesn’t play with her car as much because she can walk all by herself now and she was using it more as a crutch.  She loves to play with cars and her Klip Klops while making car sounds, of course.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is more independent now.  I can hand her things and she entertains herself.  I am loving jogging with her still in the BOB.


Dislikes:  Wiping her face, sleep, being taken away from her toys when she is not done…to be honest I can’t really think of things she doesn’t like. She’s pretty easy going, except when she is tired..you know how it is!

Facts: She is a great walker.  She is saying words like “shoe”, “ball”, “sock”, “ear”, and “bubble”.  She knows a lot of words, especially bike.  We are watching the Tour De France and I ask her where the bikes are and she points to the tv.  She knows words like light, banana, apple, ball, and Jesus.  She will point right to them when I ask her.  She loves music and bobbles her head back and forth to it.

Sleep Habits:  It’s still a feat!  Some nights she is great…others I am pulling my hair out!


Doctors Visits:  Next week!  Today I took her to get her blood drawn and she didn’t even make a sound when they put the needle in her.  The only thing she cried about was that I wouldn’t let her touch the needle!

Eating Habits: She is weened off of formula and on straight milk now during meals. She loves food! I give her things like bananas and pancakes for breakfast, as for the rest of the day she eats oranges, turkey (she loves meat), applesauce, goldfish, spaghetti, quesadillas, beans, mixed veggies, the list goes on and on… She can use a fork and spoon!

Milestones: Walking as of 13 months!  The baby gates are up!!

Looking Forward To: Hearing her say more words and communicate more to me! I love to hear her sweet voice!



12 Months!


Stats: According to doctor’s records…18.8 pounds and 2 feet 5 inches.

Favorites: From her birthday party…her green push car, Baby Stella, and the Klip Klops!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she is more independent and wants to play with toys by herself.  She is not walking yet, but is so close!  Her toys keep her pretty entertained. Also her outings with other kids and her mother goose class keep her busy!


Dislikes:  Being left to go mountain biking, sleeping in her crib, being changed on her diaper table

Facts: She is definitely getting close to walking around.  She uses the couch and wall to stand up. She hasn’t tried the stairs or climbing yet.  She likes to eat bananas and pancakes for breakfast.

Sleep Habits:  Overall, if you don’t count her waking up at night, she sleeps from around 8:30-9:30 until about 7 in the morning.  She still wakes up at night and screams.  It is easier for me to just go in and touch her than to sit and listen to her scream for an hour.  She doesn’t want to eat and she doesn’t want to be held either.  It’s so weird…


Doctors Visits:  She had a pretty bad ear infection that led to croup.  I swear she got it from this indoor playground we went to.  Boo!  It was so sad to have such a sick baby. She had to get a steroid shot.

Habits: Still using the bottle 3 times a day. It will be interesting to start her on milk.  She likes to play with her toys right after breakfast and sometimes spends her time in her high chair watching Bubble Guppies.

Milestones: So close to walking…says words like “Ball” and “This”…

Looking Forward To: Walking and summertime!


11 Months!


Stats: Not too sure right now, since we are going on almost three months since the doctor! I’m guessing around 20 pounds and 28 inches.

Favorites: FOOD! She is a great eater.  She loves to play with cars and strollers. She is definitely a little tomboy! Other favorites: Bubble Guppies, books with pictures of animals, and throwing balls.

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Dad says that playing ball is a lifesaver when he is watching her.  I still am praising the family members that bought me the BOB stroller.  I use that thing every day.  I have flatted my tires too many times though taking that thing off-road too many times!


Dislikes:  Being alone, wiping her face, getting snot off her nose, occasional baths, tomatoes

Facts: She has stood without holding anything for a good solid minute or two, but nothing else.  She is definitely trying to use her legs to stand more.  She squats a lot without sitting on the ground.  She is getting into everything and crawling everywhere!  She loves the back door and looking outside.  She is great in the high chair as long as I keep her entertained.  She has been going on a lot more outings and play dates and always has a blast.

Sleep Habits:  She has been making it from 8 at night until 5 in the morning most nights.  I have yet to have her sleep through the night.  And yes, I do let her cry, but I give myself a three-time a night cry-fest and then I go in on the fourth time, which is usually around five in the morning.  We just nap until 7 and then we are good.  I know. I suck at this sleep training thing.


Doctors Visits:  Well…she has her one year appointment this month.  One year.  Wow.

Eating Habits: Still using the bottle 3-4 times a day.  She loves her sippy cups and straw cups.  She is eating three pretty good meals and even snacking on a lot of solids.  She loves bananas, pancakes, french toast, peaches, green beans, squeeze fruit,…I could go on and on….

Milestones: Standing…almost walking. She has walked with assistance and then stopped doing it.  We are not in any hurry.

Looking Forward To: Her first birthday!  Yay!!!



10 Months!

Better late than never! She is almost 11 months now!


Stats: 18 or 19 pounds (No doc appointment this month!)

Favorites: FOOD, her car, Monks, books, sleeping on mom, and making messes!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her little car that someone gave to us.  She loves to play with the wheels and move it around, and especially loves when dad pushes her around the house in it.  I love her jogging stroller and use that thing almost every day!

Things She Hates:  Sleeping in her crib (sleep training has been so fun…not), wiping her nose, taking baths (for some reason she started hating them..)


Facts: Wow.  So much has happened in the last month.  People are right that when your kid starts to crawl, you pretty much need to make sure everything is picked up.  Her little pincer fingers are doing their work.  I have to vacuum every day.  Also, my shelves are getting cleared off pretty well too.  She loves to play at the back door with the curtain.  She is EVERYWHERE.  Church is like a workout.  We flew to Vegas and having her sit still on my lap was a real treat.  She is so expressive.  She laughs a lot more and is so smiley.  She loves it when dad makes car sounds.  She follows you around the house wherever you go.  She LOVES Barney and every other animal she sees and makes sweet sounds to other babies and kids to get their attention. She sings in her car seat while we drive around and loves to go shopping and sit in the cart.

Sleep Habits: Ugh.  If I had one complaint, this would be it.  She fights the crib.  I let her cry it out, but when it starts hitting a long time, I go in (not picking her up) and try to console her.  She is one stubborn girl who wants her way.  I have read every book about it.

Doctors Visits: Not until her year appointment.  After looking at the 9 month questionnaire and worrying about all the thing she couldn’t do, she sure has caught up and does all of those things and more!

Eating Habits: Has a bottle before naps and bedtime.  She eats so much!! She loves food and practically everything I give her.  I don’t bother with baby food anymore because she has so many teeth!


Milestones: Crawling like crazy, standing with support, stood for ten seconds on her own, started clapping, repeats sounds you make (like raspberries, motor sounds, cat’s meow, mama, and dada), has six teeth.

Looking Forward To: Watching her hit more milestones! This last month was so crazy!


9 Months!


Stats: 18 pounds and 27 inches; 90 percentile for her head!

Favorites: Playing with her teapot set she got for Christmas from Grandma and Aunt Robyn, Monks the Wabbanub, SHOPPING, banging measuring cups, playing drums on her stomach and table tops, singing and humming, and sticking her tongue out.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: Her high chair and the fact that she is eating more solids so I can cook and do chores until she is done.  Her playpen (she actually likes it).

Things She Hates:  Being left alone (sometimes), crawling (she could do it but she is too lazy, she would rather stand), getting out of the bathtub and getting lotion put on her.

Facts: She says “Mamama” and “Dadada” but doesn’t mean anything by it unless she is mad, then she will yell “Mama”.  She is teaching herself to stand by using the play pen or coffee table.  She loves to put things in her little bucket and then take them out. She likes her Mother Goose class she takes on Wednesdays.

Sleep Habits:  It is hit or miss still.  I finally started feeding her a lot more when she goes to bed, so she lasts longer but she still wakes up one to four times a night.

Doctors Visits:  I was feeling all guilty about the questions they asked me but soon found out it was more for a 12 month old.  I can’t wait for her to repeat words back to me and actually mean “Mama” and “Dada”.  Doctor said she looked pretty good and no worries.


Eating Habits: Eats about five bottles a day.  I give her three meals and two snacks.  She loves mashed and sweet potatoes and loves her fruits!  I’ve had to sneak spinach and green beans into her baby food and smoothies to get them down.

Milestones: Almost crawling (takes a few steps) but prefers standing, she likes to scoot around the room, she can move from her belly to her butt, she sits up in her crib now, she is very squirmy, and communicates a lot on whether she wants things or whether she is stuck. She is really good about playing with toys. She got her third tooth this month!

Looking Forward To: Crawling (even though that means trouble for me) and practicing standing and walking.  She is going on another airplane flight this month to Salt Lake!


8 Months!


Stats: Still didn’t have a doctor’s visit.  Next month she will, so I will guess 18 pounds and 26 inches.

Favorites:  She is changing so much!  She loves FOOD!  Her favorite thing to do is to still go for a walk or jog in the BOB.  She also loves to sit and play with her toys on the floor in the living room.  She is a great shopper too! She loves her little teapot toy she got for Christmas.


Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: She still is not completely mobile yet so I will be grateful because I know in the next month, she is definitely going to be mobile.  I love her exersaucers and high chair. It keeps her busy, yet she is still contained!

Things She Hates:  When I’m busy cooking and I take too long to give her food, strangers, being left alone in places other than the house (I can leave her in the other room at our place and she is fine), getting out of the bath tub…

Facts: She is starting to mimic and wave back when I wave.  She did it a couple of times and then decided to stop.  She sings ALL the time! She likes to roll and attempt to crawl and grab things. She loves to say words like “Babababa” or “Yayayaya” and when she gets really mad she will yell “Mamamama” at the top of her lungs.  (I don’t count it as Mom!)

Sleep Habits:  It is hit or miss. She slept all night last night without waking, but then tonight I know she will be up four times.  She is definitely getting used to the crib. She is a great napper, just not a great night sleeper.

Doctors Visits:  Next month!


Eating Habits: Still eating bottles 5-6 times a day.  She is loving mashed potatoes, apples, pears, sweet potatoes, green beans, and peaches. Tonight’s menu: Mac and Cheese (blended of course).  I’m having fun using my Baby Bullet (that my awesome friend Stephanie gave me) to make all sorts of smoothies and stuff for her!

Milestones: Starting to crawl, talking and singing a lot, squirmy as all get out!  She is actually making it through all of church! I just jinxed myself!

Looking Forward To: Her next appointment to see how she is doing.  Also, feeding her new things!


7 Months!


Stats: She went for her check up last month and gained a lot but didn’t grow too much!  I’m guessing she is about 17 pounds and hopefully 26 inches.

Favorites:  Bathtime! Sitting up and playing on her blanket in the living room, going on walks, sitting outside, chewing on EVERYTHING (including books…not really into reading them), eating food, looking at Dad and giving him a cheesy smile!

Lifesavers for Mom and Dad: The fact that she sits up so well and loves to sit and play for long periods of time! Love it! Monks is still a lifesaver! I also love her high chair.  She loves to suck on ice with her little “strainer” I have.  She also started eating puff cereal, but isn’t too sure about it, but it entertains her. Also, any babysitters that help us out! Thank you!


Things She Hates:  Getting out of the bathtub, being left alone in another room, not being able to reach certain toys..

Facts: Eating a lot more baby food (loves pears right now), starting to eat out of squeeze packets and tries puff cereal, sits and plays a lot more independently, more vocal…says words like “Ya-Ya” and “Da-Da” a lot. She is so smiley too! I love her voice.  She coos a lot and it sounds so sweet.  She LOVES Barney!

Sleep Habits:  Still trying to do the non-crying it out method and it’s going OK.  I think I’m just going to have to cave in and just let her cry.  She has two night awakenings and even if I stand there and tell her its ok, she will not stop crying.  Other than that, she naps great (3 naps a day) and sleeps from about 7 at night until 6 in the morning (with the exception of the two waking time).

Doctors Visits:  Not until 9 months. Hopefully we don’t get a sick baby!


Eating Habits: Eats about six bottles a day…and baby food. She loves pears, squash, sweet potatoes, and apples.

Milestones: Just this week she started to talk and sing a lot!! It is so fun and cute! She also had her first road trip to Vegas this month!

Looking Forward To: Celebrating Christmas with her!